The Solution

The insurance company partnered with 3Cloud to prove that their custom applications could operate in Azure, meeting or surpassing the performance benchmarks established in their on-premises data center. 3Cloud began the modernization journey starting with the client’s aging CARE app within the Azure environment, along with the migration of associated datasets.

Through a Proof of Concept (POC), we validated that the performance gains were substantial, driven by the increased flexibility and scalability inherent in the Azure ecosystem. We established a secure and compliant Azure Foundation, instilling high trust and preparing the groundwork for future migrations.

The POC went beyond mere validation; it served as a tangible example of hosting a Java Spring Boot app in Azure, accelerating the company’s proficiency in navigating the intricacies of hosting applications within the Azure framework. This elevated their confidence in Azure and positioned them for a successful and knowledge-driven transition to the cloud

The Results

What sets 3Cloud apart is our distinctive Java practice, as we are one of very few partners equipped with the proficiency to manage the development and implementation of Java-based applications. In our Proof of Concept (POC) with the client, we not only validated the enhanced performance of their CARE application in Azure but also gave them the flexibility and scalability they were seeking.

In addition to performance optimization, we empowered the organization with a hardened environment designed for compliance, ensuring a secure foundation. Furthermore, we built an Azure Landing Zone to lay the groundwork for the smooth migration of additional assets, and for the seamless productionalization of the CARE application within their Azure ecosystem. Our approach positioned this large insurance company for sustained success in their Azure journey.

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