The Solution

3Cloud successfully addressed the challenges faced by the genomic research organization through the implementation of a hybrid environment that allows them to take advantage of Azure. This hybrid approach eliminates the need for substantial investments in specialized hardware on-premises, allowing the research center to capitalize on the scalability offered by Azure. By optimizing the environment, we enabled the client with the ability to leverage the platform in more native ways, resulting in improvements in cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and time management, plus removing administrative overhead for both admin and researchers.

The shift to High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Azure presents an opportunity of a blank canvas for users to tailor their processes according to their specific needs, thereby enhancing overall capability and efficiency. Furthermore, our centralized research portal establishes a secure cloud environment, providing computational resources and data repositories. This comprehensive solution will allow future research expansion to be easily integrated into the platform, thus leveraging efficiencies and scalability and adhering to industry security standards.

The Results

The implementation of 3Cloud’s solution has had a huge impact on the business, marked by a remarkable 400% improvement in performance for sequencing and secondary analysis in genomics analytics pipelines. The reduction of runtimes from a three-day on-premises solution to a mere 18 hours not only signifies a significant boost in efficiency but also underscores the power of high-performance computing. In addition, 3Cloud established a NIST 800-171 fully compliant environment, ensuring robust controls over both data and infrastructure. This compliance not only safeguards sensitive information but also positions the client in alignment with regulatory standards. The benefits extend beyond operational enhancements, translating into increased grant funding opportunities by increasing the research center’s capability to secure higher levels of grant funding, fostering continued growth and advancement in its research endeavors.

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