The Solution

The credit union struggled with the best way to transfer data into Azure, optimizing its use, and ensuring optimal performance. 3Cloud’s Azure Data Lake Proof of Concept (POC) addressed these challenges by migrating a representative dataset to Azure Data Lake storage and assessing data lake security features. Our team showcased Azure Data Lake’s versatile role within a comprehensive data analytics platform. Throughout the process, we worked closely with the client’s team, deepening their understanding of cloud architecture and data warehouse design while facilitating ongoing knowledge transfer.

3Cloud’s Synapse POC further expanded upon the existing data lake architecture. Leveraging Synapse features, we analyzed data lake files and performed transformations, seamlessly transferring data into a dedicated SQL Pool (formerly SQL Data Warehouse). Additionally, we offered valuable guidance to the client’s team on utilizing Bicep for resource deployments, ensuring repeatability and efficiency in their Azure environment.

The Results

Over the years, 3Cloud’s trustworthy partnership with the credit union has played a pivotal role in acquainting them with Azure, navigating initial obstacles, and showcasing the art of the possible. Our ongoing dedication involves assisting them in unlocking the potential of their machine learning models through application development, marking the subsequent phase of their digital evolution.

Our collaboration with the client in recent years has revolved around Data & Analytics projects, encompassing data catalog implementation, governance support, and cloud model deployment. On the App Innovation side, we created a marketing portal and engaged in Power Apps development. 3Cloud’s partnership with the credit union continues to enable them on their journey of digital transformation, ensuring optimal services for their customers.

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