The Solution

Leveraging the Cloud Roadmap Framework, 3Cloud partnered with Microsoft to guide the client through a series of steps, complemented by 3Cloud 360, instilling confidence in Azure. The process began with a Holistic Business Case (Solution Assessment) using Movere to evaluate global on-premises datacenters and plan for Azure migration. An Azure Health Check (FinOps) reviewed over 180 Azure objects, creating a scalable Common Approach Framework (CAF)-enabled Landing Zone.

The journey continued with a ‘hub and spoke’ Landing Zone tailored to the client’s global requirements. Sequential datacenter migrations in Holland, Singapore, and France (AMMP) combined migration with modernization. 3Cloud Managed Platform was implemented, establishing managed services and a support team for Azure, accelerating knowledge transfer. An App Innovation engagement assessed legacy in-house applications, creating a modernization plan to rebuild them in Azure on Platform as a Service (PaaS). Finally, 3Cloud built a modern data platform using Synapse, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Factory as the central data ingestion and transformation engine.

The Results

The eviction notice from the client’s current provider put them at risk of critical failure of their IT environment, impacting global operations. The client embraced the moment as an opportunity to not only address the immediate challenge but also to modernize its IT operations. The decision to migrate to Azure proved to yield significant business value for the business. The migration resulted in cost savings of $1.5 million, while reducing IT capital expenditure budgets by $4.3 million over a 5-year timeframe by moving to Azure. Beyond the financial benefits, by partnering with 3Cloud to move to Azure provided the client with enhanced business agility and continuity for global operations across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, while enabling the company to more effectively expand into new markets. Notably, the initiative also contributed to an environmental impact, with a 58% reduction in the client’s carbon footprint for IT workloads, equating to an annual reduction of 88 metric tons of carbon emissions.

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