The Solution

Through 3Cloud’s partnership with Profisee, the client selected us as the expert partner to orchestrate and execute the implementation of Profisee master data management (MDM) and data governance solutions. Together, 3Cloud and Profisee explained the importance of establishing a robust master data management and data governance framework prior to the client’s migration to the cloud. Waiting until after the migration would significantly escalate costs associated with retrofitting the implementation.

Leveraging 3Cloud’s proficiency in data governance, the client engaged with us to initiate a comprehensive 5-week data governance quick start program. This program evaluated the client’s data governance maturity and charted a tailored roadmap for a complete data governance strategy and its implementation. Concurrently, we deployed Profisee to implement an MDM solution to consolidate the client’s data. This proactive approach ensured a seamless transition to the cloud while optimizing data management practices.

The Results

By applying data quality rules and conducting data cleansing, 3Cloud successfully created golden records that unify customer information across multiple systems. This effort has facilitated a holistic 360-degree view of customers, incorporating their complete transactional history. Utilizing Profisee MDM, 3Cloud effectively consolidated disparate data sources into a single repository accessible across the organization. In addition, the implementation of a robust data governance plan has significantly improved operational efficiency, elevated data quality, and empowered informed business decision making. Our solution not only ensures data integrity and consistency for the financial services company but also positions them for sustained growth and competitiveness in the financial services industry.

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