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At 3Cloud, we empower financial services organizations and insurance providers to deliver unparalleled experiences that foster loyalty and drive profitability. Through our personalized customer interactions, insights, and cutting-edge technologies, we elevate productivity by enhancing workflows and improving customer experiences. Our technology solutions enable customers to combat financial crime, proactively respond to threats, and safeguard against losses. With our robust solutions, your organization can effectively manage risk and maintain stringent security compliance.

By the Numbers

In response to 2020’s COVID chaos, the financial industry pursued rapid acceleration of cloud adoption to support remote workers, protect data assets, serve customers and partners, and change, update, and manage critical business software on the fly.

  • Post COVID, financial firm adoption of multi-cloud skyrocketed 70%.
  • 78% of financial firms say they prioritize innovation more than other industries.
  • 83% of financial firms believe they’re more digitally advanced than other industries.
3Cloud Cloud Platform Financial Industry
3Cloud Cloud Platform Financial Industry

How 3Cloud Supports the Financial Services Industry

3Cloud’s financial services solutions provide capabilities in managing data to deliver differentiated experiences, empower employees, and combat financial crime while facilitating security, compliance, and interoperability.

  • Deliver differentiated experiences. Accelerate loyalty, growth, and profitability through personalized customer interactions and financial insights.
  • Empower employees. Use solutions to improve productivity. Enhance workflows to boost employee experiences and strengthen customer connections.
  • Combat financial crime. Identify and respond to evolving criminal activity while helping to protect against losses.
  • Manage risk across the organization. Maintain compliance and stay on top of evolving regulatory requirements.
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Build your financial services practice
with these cutting-edge tools.

Discover fresh possibilities for enhancing intelligent banking, modernizing trading and tailoring insurance software systems. Microsoft Azure provides financial institutions with the robust infrastructure and top-tier security needed to elevate customer experiences to new heights.

Azure AI & Machine Learning: Build next gen intelligent financial services and create sophisticated financial models with proven, secure and responsible AI. Resource: Guide AI with an Ethical Framework

Azure Synapse Analytics: Gather, store, process, analyze and visualize your financial data of any variety, volume, or velocity to pave your way to intelligent banking. Resource: Azure Synapse for Reporting

High-Performance Computing:Tackle complex calculations and large datasets in seconds with scalable and highly secure on-demand infrastructure. Resource: HPC in Financial Risk Modeling

Azure Virtual Desktop: Quickly deploy virtual desktops and apps to enable secure remote work. Resource: Azure Workloads for AVD

Azure Stack: Extend your Azure capabilities across datacenters, edge locations and remote offices to build and run hybrid applications with more flexibility. Resource: The Evolution of the Microsoft Stack

Azure Security: Gain peace of mind with built-in cloud protection and stay ahead of risks with AI-powered monitoring tools. Resource: 3 Ways to Ensure Cloud Platform Security

Azure Databases: Discover a breadth of fully managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases, spanning proprietary and open-source engines, to fit the needs of modern app developers. Resource: Database Migration Checklist

3Cloud Financial Services Cloud Platform

3Cloud is Driving Innovation in Financial Services

Financial institutions and insurers of all sizes can optimize costs, reduce time to value, enhance collaboration, and use data and AI to deliver more impactful business outcomes.

Bank at the Speed of Business

Modernize and protect your financial software systems rapidly and comprehensively, all while offering customers a more proactive and personalized financial services experience.

• Customer 360
• Risk Management
• Regulatory Compliance
• Fraud Detection
• Credit Scoring

Strengthen the Core of Insurance Systems

Exceed policyholder experiences by personalizing digital insurance interactions at every touchpoint. Plus, improve the accuracy and agility of risk modeling.

• Personalized Offers
• Claims Automation
• Actuary Science
• Risk Monitoring
• Case Management

Modernize Capital Markets & Trading

Scale with speed and ease to manage higher volumes of data, plus unlock innovative business models that optimize trade processing.

• Alternative Data
• Back-Testing
• Risk Management
• Trading Cost Analysis
• Regulatory Reporting

“Our vision encompasses more than back office virtual machine management. 3Cloud’s partnership enabled Virtus Partners to transition quickly to where we wanted to be today, and to transform our operations to where we are heading for the future.”

-Lee Wielenga, CIO
Virtus Partners


3 Ways a Modern App Can Propel Your Business into the Future

From attracting and retaining customers with top-tier customer support to simplifying and enhancing everyday tasks for your team with the power of AI, the right app is a game-changer. Read how automating banking processes dramatically increased revenue for our customer.

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Getting Started

3Cloud offers solutions to help kickstart the modernization of your financial services organization.

  • Modern Data Platform Jumpstart: Elevate data to a strategic asset by creating a modern data platform and management framework, so teams can derive rich analytical insights and make confident business decisions.
  • Business Intelligence Jumpstart: Empower your employees with access to timely data to improve insights and decision making. Achieve a balance between self-service, managed data access and reporting capabilities.
3Cloud Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

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