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Organizations usually have a proliferation of disparate systems, obsolete legacy systems, mismatched departmental solutions or point-to-point interfaces. Establishing the right architecture, services, and patterns is complex and challenging in the fast-changing environment of the cloud. How to bring all those systems together in one unified data architecture is the new holy grail for a modern data platform.

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3Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Analytics

Data Architecture

The right data architecture is the foundation of any data strategy. 3Cloud can help you with the services and infrastructure necessary to enable your data to be acquired, stored, modeled, enriched, queried, and secured.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Analytics

Data Engineering

An aligned set of data engineering capabilities and processes can be the difference between delivering value from your data, or letting that data become essentially useless! Your modern data platform investment is intended to allow you to develop and deliver custom datasets and solutions from any data to every consumer both inside and outside your organization.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Analytics

Data Governance

Data is the currency of the digital economy and it’s more important than ever that your data is secured, governed, and treated like an enterprise asset. Effective governance can improve the quality, availability, and security of your data to maximize the value it brings to your analytics, applications, and monetization opportunities.

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managed Data

We remove the burden of managing data, reduce disruptions, enhance the data platform, and empower your organization to focus on what matters, your business. 3Cloud’s Managed Data team provides support of your data and analytics solutions and drives ongoing enhancements to the platform.

Make confident business decisions

Elevating data to a strategic asset means providing a modern data platform and management framework, so teams can derive rich analytical insights. A modern data platform is the foundation for effective analytical capabilities, which in turn can improve upon every aspect of the enterprise.

  • Organize complex data in one easy-to-digest environment. Eliminate data siloes and create curated enterprise data solutions.
  • Support a variety of data types and structures to work with external tools and other data sources.
  • Develop a process for testing and maintaining data pipelines and architectures.
  • Innovate, build, and expand applications with tailored data repositories deployed in seconds.
  • Enable cross-functional data models to simplify integration and access to business domains that span numerous source systems.
  • Access data that has historically been stuck behind departmental applications and data stores.
  • Enrich and curate data to enhance customer retention, margin enhancement, and competitive analysis.
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“Now, our team is able to explore our business through a customer-focused lens. They are asking more in-depth questions, which lead to a better understanding of our business and ultimately better business decisions.”


3Cloud’s Solution

Modern Data Platform Jumpstart

Establishing the right architecture, services, and patterns is complex and challenging. 3Cloud can help you get started on an organized, cohesive, and highly functional data platform with our Modern Data Platform Jumpstart.

Unite & Unify Your Data. Azure facilitates extracting, transforming, and easily onboarding data from disparate systems so that it can be analyzed and visualized into one place. The Modern Data Platform Jumpstart powers foundational data services and patterns for ingestion, storage, and modeling.

Scale Rapidly. Unique, comprehensive vision and framework that accounts for the full lifecycle of modern analytics, from deploying your first Azure data service, all the way to managed adoption and support of self-service BI and AI capabilities.

Achieve Insight. Modern Data Platform Jumpstart solution cuts through the data warehouse and lake house debate to build the right platform for you, ensuring you can focus on achieving insights with timely, secure, and governed data to fuel business decisions.


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3Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Platform Jumpstart

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