The Solution

In the quest for a new partner to manage and support their Azure platform, thorough evaluations led to the selection of 3Cloud Managed Services. The decision was driven by 3Cloud’s specialized focus on Azure, backed by a dedicated 24x7x365 Managed Services team. This team excels in proactive support, has bench strength to support key initiatives, along with provides a proactive approach in offering advisory services and recommendations.

3Cloud’s Managed Platform showcased its comprehensive features, including continuous 24x7x365 monitoring of client environments, and managing proactive maintenance tasks such as security patching and backups. Additionally, the team is readily available to address client requests for environment enhancements, covering activities like building new VMs, implementing network changes, and facilitating new rollouts. Notably, 3Cloud emphasized cost management, aiming to optimize the client’s spending in Azure and potentially yield cost reductions.

In addition, 3Cloud also added management of the client’s rollout of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) as well as actively managing 3 to 5 host pools.

The Results

3Cloud was able to make an immediate impact by identifying and addressing critical areas for improvement. The Managed Services team conducted a thorough assessment, identifying the need for network infrastructure upgrades, optimizing the SQL environment, and enhancing SQL clusters supporting vital business applications. Additionally, they successfully concluded a stalled migration project, providing immediate relief to delayed or incomplete initiatives.

Beyond the direct impact on projects, 3Cloud’s Managed Services introduced refined support processes based on Azure expertise and an ITIL foundation. We also implemented new support platforms including a next generation monitoring platform and the cloud management platform (3CMP), which further strengthened the company’s IT infrastructure. The team also conducted a comprehensive review of Azure costs, identifying opportunities to optimize and reduce expenses.

As a result, the manufacturer now benefits from a dedicated and responsive support team, ensuring timely completion of new initiatives. The proactive advice and recommendations on the Azure platform contribute to optimization efforts, providing a robust foundation to support the company’s ongoing growth. In addition, the client’s rollout of AVD – also supported by 3Cloud Managed Services – has significantly improved their employees’ overall quality of work life.

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