The Solution

3Cloud initiated an Azure Foundation Assessment to evaluate the company’s environment and outline a plan for their cloud strategy and adoption objectives. Following this assessment, the HVAC company engaged 3Cloud for a data center migration, executed in phases for efficiency. Phase 1 involved evaluating the environment, planning migration, rationalizing workloads/databases, and identifying Disaster Recovery (DR) requirements. Phase 2 encompassed remediating the Azure Landing Zone, DR migration, and migrating production/non-production workloads to Azure.

3Cloud then collaborated with the client on a proof of concept (PoC) workload migration to an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environment, transitioning from existing data centers to an MVP AVD Landing Zone. They engineered a scalable, secure AVD environment hosting the company’s ERP system for multiple remote users. Additionally, 3Cloud facilitated the consolidation of Active Directory domains and migrated email and O365 to Azure AD, streamlining user management and enhancing scalability and security as the business expands.

Lastly, recognizing the client’s small IT team, they engaged 3Cloud’s Managed Services team for ongoing Managed Platform support to oversee their new Azure environment.

The Results

The adoption of a centralized platform has significantly improved manageability, offering a streamlined method for overseeing various operational aspects. This central system not only ensures efficient management but also enables increased scalability, promoting the smooth integration of new acquisitions. Transitioning from on-premises infrastructure has led to substantial cost savings, reducing both capital investment and maintenance expenses. Azure Active Directory plays a pivotal role in enhancing overall efficiency by providing organizations with streamlined user management tools, prioritizing scalability and security. This integrated approach optimizes resource allocation and contributes to a more agile and cost-effective business environment.

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