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Transform your applications with 3Cloud developers. We specialize in modernizing your apps for Azure with expertise in native, cloud, and hybrid applications.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform


Architect applications that scale with your business. Remain nimble and adjust as change happens.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure App Operations


Increase business value and customer engagement with fast, seamless application experiences.

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Create cost efficiencies by enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows across your organization with strategic cloud application solutions.

Modernize faster and unleash the power of rapid Azure adoption with 3Cloud Application Innovation.


3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure App Operations

App modernization

Modernize your applications and data to accelerate time-to-market, achieve greater agility, and scale with built-in security and high availability.  

Focus on building apps, not managing databases. >

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Analytics

cloud native app development

Develop cloud-native applications to leverage state-of-the-art technologies and gain agility, cost-effectiveness, resilience and security.  

Respond quickly to changing market demands >

3Cloud Microsoft Azure App Innovation

devops & automation

Speed delivery times and provide continuous value to your customers with DevOps. Automate processes to reduce ensure repeatable success 

Free up your teams for innovative thinking >

Create a confident go forward plan with Application Innovation

Focus on building apps, not managing databases by getting the most value from the cloud with the application and data modernization that best aligns with your business objectives. 3Cloud can help you speed up innovation across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with simplified management, faster application development, and consistent Azure services. Disruption affects every industry, and no company is immune. Applications and technology play a critical role in an organization’s ability to compete and execute. Let 3Cloud’s skilled team help you re-vitalize applications and modernize portfolios to keep up with the speed of business. We can increase innovation and competitiveness by modernizing your applications, related infrastructure, and process.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure App Innovation Case Study

Cloud First Designs Maximize the Cost Benefits and Infinite Scale of Microsoft Azure

The number of applications in use is constantly growing, and successfully utilizing them to distinguish your business has never been more critical. When it comes to app innovation, businesses are looking for solutions to rapidly build, deploy, and manage secure apps at scale. 3Cloud is committed to helping you develop a scalable app innovation strategy that leverages app modernization, cloud-native apps, and enterprise integration.

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deliver innovative experiences

Prioritizing innovation in your app environment ensures the ability to deliver unique and adaptable customer experiences, enhanced collaborations, and flexibility and scalability to your business.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Analytics

System and application integration is becoming a mission-critical concern. Enterprise integration is key to the enhancement of internal processes and business activities as well as the conceptualization, implementation, and distribution of critical applications.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure App Operations
future-proof app landscape

Bring your legacy apps up to speed and stay ahead of the competition by modernizing your applications. Build next-generation cloud-native apps that help your customers unleash the power of Azure.


Azure Applications Modernized Annually


2022​ U.S. Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner, Modernizing Applications


Azure Experts (Microsoft MVPs and Fast Track Solution Architects​)

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Application Innovation Jumpstart

3cloud solution

App Innovation Jumpstart

Application innovation enables your organization to unleash the power of Azure and transform your apps to be a flexible foundation for the future.  

Creating a modern digital estate provides a competitive edge in the market, enhanced compatibility, robust security, superior reliability, improved customer experience, and reduces operational cost.

  • Quality Apps Providing Market Differentiation
  • Reduce Risk and Operational Cost
  • Unleash the Power of Rapid Azure Adoption

3Cloud can help you accelerate your app modernization while optimizing time to value on your investment with our App Innovation Jumpstart solution.

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Modernize Your Legacy Applications with the Latest Azure Technology

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