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Developing cloud-native applications allows organizations to be responsive to changing customer and market demands while maintaining high levels of performance, resilience, and security. Cloud native applications are built using cloud native technologies, such as microservices, containers, container orchestrators, immutable infrastructure, and declarative APIs and are designed to run on cloud platforms to take advantage of their scalability, elasticity, and automation.

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Intelligent Apps

3Cloud guides our clients in building Intelligent Apps, also known as smart apps or AI-powered applications. These software applications leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to enhance their functionality and provide advanced features. Intelligent apps have a wide range of applications across many industries, including healthcare, finance, ecommerce, customer service, and more. They are designed to improve efficiency, provide insights, enhance user experiences, and solve complex problems by harnessing the power of AI and machine learning.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure App Operations


Let us show you how to take your app development to the next level by utilizing Microservices. Improve development speed, scalability, and maintainability, so you can adapt to changing market demands on the fly. The Microservices approach to software development breaks down an application into a collection of smaller, independent, loosely coupled services, each responsible for a specific, well-defined set of functionalities. These services can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently so you can keep up with ever-changing customer needs.

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Develop applications with minimal hand coding with the Low-Code approach. Our world class app development team will show you how to use a visual, user-friendly interface to design and build applications with ease. In a Low-Code environment, developers and non-developers alike can create software applications more quickly and with less traditional programming effort. Low-Code development is often used in scenarios where there is a need for rapid application development, prototyping, or the creation of business applications.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure App Operations

“Our vision encompasses more than back office virtual machine management. 3Cloud’s partnership enabled Virtus Partners to transition quickly to where we wanted to be today, and to transform our operations to where we are heading for the future.”



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Not Just a New Approach, a New Mindset

If there’s one lesson to be learned from the last decade of “Agile transformations,” it’s that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to adopting or implementing an Agile approach. Every organization has different needs, constraints, and requirements. 3Cloud can help provide a consistent feedback loop, bringing customer expectations to the forefront, using sprints or other time-boxed production approaches to help create a reliable development cadence.

Key Outcomes:

  • Transforms culture with cross-functional collaboration and self-organization, empowering individuals.
  • Customer-centric approach drives solutions with continuous feedback and learning from user validations.
  • Measure the transformation progress by monitoring the outcomes quantitatively.
  • Implements an automated delivery pipeline that continuously improves the quality of product as it evolves from inception to realization, taking into consideration Risk, Security, and Audit Control.
  • Helps your organization see end-to-end flow of business value by shrinking the gap between Business and IT.
  • Agile delivery model sets the stage for a new approach to contracts and SLAs, empowering you to support incremental customer-focused Product delivery.
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