The Solution

Upon onboarding over 400 resources across both Azure and on-premises environments, 3Cloud Managed Services provided essential services such as patching, monitoring, backup and configuration management. Responding to the client’s evolving support needs, 3Cloud initiated the onboarding of Managed Data services to provide further support. The primary objective of this expansion was to augment bandwidth, alleviating the company’s resource constraints around SQL DBA services. This strategic move aimed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure robust support for the manufacturer’s data services.

The 3Cloud team worked closely with the client to develop processes such as a VM provisioning process, backup remediation and escalation, and custom backup job for appliances. 3Cloud also created Azure workbooks including a Performance Summary workbook for real-time monitoring of VM computing resources to pro-actively identify resource constraints, and patching compliance which gives a view of all in scope and excluded hosts as a single source of truth for monthly patching. Lastly, the 3Cloud Managed Services team enabled the client with custom monitoring/reporting covering areas like initial triaging of event-driven events, monitoring dashboards and resource transparency, reserved instance monitoring and utilization analysis, pro-active agent and Arc readiness alerts, among others.

The Results

The results of 3Cloud Managed Services’ engagement were highly impactful. Within the initial six months of service, the team achieved substantial improvements in patching compliance, going from ~25% compliance to an impressive monthly compliance of over 99%. Additionally, previously unachievable goals were realized with VM Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of 24 hours and SQL RPOs of 4 hours, enhancing data recovery capabilities significantly.  By implementing Reserved Instances, the client saw savings of $90K per month and a FinOps assessment done by 3Cloud identified another potential savings of $27K per month.

On the security side, the client’s secure score over time went from 35% to 81% in approximately 18 months. 3Cloud Managed Services development of custom monitoring and reporting shows a 76% decrease in tickets from monitoring implementation, and the client has over 100 VMs monitored via Azure Arc.

After three months of implementing 3Cloud Managed Data Services, our team continued to demonstrate impactful outcomes for the company. The team successfully helped the client attain SQL RPOs of 4 hours and proactive alerts were instituted around key SQL thresholds, strengthening the system’s health and performance monitoring. Furthermore, the SQL Database Administrator’s task list witnessed a reduction of over 50%, showcasing the efficiency gains brought about by 3Cloud’s strategic and comprehensive approach to managed services.

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