“It was refreshing to work with 3Cloud who always had in the forefront of their mind, ‘how can we bring value to be sure you’re getting what you need out of this engagement’? This is something that most vendors should be doing, but with 3Cloud it was clear that they genuinely cared about finding the value for us and in providing a true partnership.”

Anita McAllister, AVP, Data Management & Analytics

The Solution

Long-Term, Trusted Relationship Led to Members 1st Choosing to Partner with 3Cloud.

3Cloud’s solution for Members 1st entailed developing the M1360 platform, a robust Enterprise Data Lakehouse architecture. This framework unified disparate data sources, enabling seamless integration across all business units. By consolidating data into a centralized repository, Members 1st enhanced data management and operational efficiency, benefiting customer service, branches and back-office functions. Key to the platform’s success was its metadata-driven nature, facilitating dynamic coding and streamlined data loading processes, with support from 3Cloud’s expertise in implementing dynamic coding and metadata-driven processes using Databricks, Azure SQL DB and Azure Data Factory.

In addition, 3Cloud introduced Members 1st to their first instance of true cloud CI/CD developing, leveraging Azure DevOps to support code deployments and enabling easy reversions and tactical timing of deployments. The M1360 platform supports seamless integration with systems like Power BI and Microsoft Fabric. This enhanced accessibility to curated data sets and facilitated the deployment of machine learning models. With Fabric deployed atop the M1360 platform, Members 1st gained enhanced functionality and self-service capabilities, marking a significant milestone in their data modernization journey. This collaborative effort between 3Cloud and Members 1st transformed data management practices, unlocking the full potential of data assets and driving meaningful business outcomes.

“The partnership between Members 1st and 3Cloud has created one of the most technology forward thinking credit union data platforms available. The platform’s ability to merge Credit Union wide data with incredible speed has enabled self-service reporting using Power BI across the entire organization with curated datasets and embedded data governance. Our business units quickly started automating and creating reporting in the new cloud environment. M1360 didn’t just reduce data silos, it destroyed them.”

Anita McAllister, AVP, Data Management & Analytics

The Results

The collaboration between Members 1st and 3Cloud has revolutionized data management and operational efficiency. Through the M1360 platform implementation and self-service capabilities adoption, administrative overhead has significantly decreased, and data access across business units has been streamlined. Centralizing enterprise-wide data and enabling self-service reporting with Power BI has empowered employees to access insights effortlessly, freeing the data team to focus on value-added initiatives and accelerating decision-making processes. The data lake refreshes in response to data being refreshed and available in their source system, which means data pulls are reactive for both scheduled and merged changes. M160’s speed in loading data has significantly compensated for delays in upstream and vendor system data processing, giving users access to the data faster. Members’ data lake refreshes daily in typically under 2 hours, with data being available to users by 6 a.m. The metadata drive approach enabled an ‘update in only one place’ solution for data transformation logic, ensuring that any changes in business logic can be done quickly. 

This transition has not only improved data accessibility but has also paved the way for specialized member experiences and faster decision-making. By consolidating data sources and automating processes, Members 1st has achieved considerable time savings, allowing BI engineers to concentrate on enhancing enterprise-wide analytics and machine learning models. Additionally, the adoption of machine learning models on the new platform has led to substantial cost savings and improved runtime efficiency, further driving operational excellence and resource optimization. Through a collaborative partnership, Members 1st and 3Cloud have cultivated a culture of continuous learning and innovation, positioning the organization to leverage its data assets fully and deliver superior member service while embracing future challenges and opportunities.

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