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More than 230 organizations are advancing health outcomes and patient care with 3Cloud. We empower healthcare payers and providers to improve patient outcomes, rethink traditional care delivery models and invest in healthcare technology solutions to improve financial performance, empower precision medicine and accelerate research.

Drive Innovation in a Secure Environment

Many healthcare payers and providers are challenged in meeting government compliance regulations. At 3Cloud, we serve our healthcare clients with a holistic approach to data security, privacy and compliance to prevent incidents that could disrupt patient care. Our solutions help prevent the breach of sensitive health records, patient data and personal identities, so you can trust that the privacy and confidentiality of your data will be protected and that your data will only be used in ways consistent with your expectations.

Read how 3Cloud’s data solutions make healthcare compliance concerns a thing of the past.

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3Cloud Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Case Study

of payer professionals are only somewhat prepared or are in need of assistance to achieve compliance


of the US population has been the victim of a healthcare data breach


of CIOs believe FHIR is the technology with the most transformative potential in upcoming years

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Empower meaningful outcomes across the healthcare journey

Harness the power of Azure so you can quicky and easily provide more efficient care and help ensure the end-to-end security and compliance of health data.

  • Deliver exceptional experiences by creating personalized patient and member experiences and protecting privacy at every point of care.
  • Empower health team collaboration. Simplify workflows to connect people and support teamwork.
  • Support your healthcare workforce. Optimize time with patients and reduce administrative burden.
  • Boost clinician productivity. Enable faster documentation with accurate, responsive dictation and virtual assistant capabilities.
  • Improve clinical and operational insights. Take action with your data to realize savings and achieve better outcomes.
  • Protect health information. Help your organization protect and govern sensitive health data across systems, devices, apps and cloud services.
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“3Cloud has staff that is engaged and stays attuned to all the changes and influences in healthcare data. Its talent goes from technology all the way to business, strategy, and operations.”
-Nick Shepard, Assistant Vice President of Data Orchestration


of top providers choose 3Cloud to improve care experiences and accelerate digital transformation in an AI-first world.


of 3Cloud client base represent Payors and Providers.

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Healthcare payers and providers facing compliance challenges gain interoperability and innovation on Azure

Many healthcare organizations are unfamiliar with how to best implement and adopt the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard and can face steep fines for noncompliance. FHIR Jumpstart provides guidance so you can drive innovation in a secure environment. This engagement provides the necessary infrastructure, enablement and knowledge transfer to enable regulatory compliance for data exchange, SMART app development and advanced analytics.

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FHIR jumpstart

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Reimagine healthcare and improve clinical insights with 3Cloud, the leading Microsoft Azure partner.