Azure Managed Services Keep You From Falling Behind

Daily updates are the norm in cloud computing, and staying on top of development, security and updates can be a full-time job. From infrastructure to applications, and everything in between, we have comprehensive offerings to meet your every need. As part of an elite group of Microsoft partners with the Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) designation, we’re well-equipped to manage and enhance your Azure experience. Whether you need a partner to manage your Azure services or supplement your existing staff, 3Cloud can be your trusted Managed Services Provider.

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3Cloud Microsoft Azure App Innovation

managed platform

Attain smarter, more flexible operations. Discover new ways of creating business value by streamlining your critical IT processes and simplifying management of key business applications. 3Cloud can help you efficiently operate cloud workloads and navigate the complexities of scaled cloud operations, while managing your costs. Our services have built-in constructs to address governance across finance, technical, and 24×7 operational requirements, along with security and regulatory compliance needs.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure App Innovation Cost Savings

cloud spend management

Control and optimize spend on cloud computing services and licensing. Our team will monitor, analyze and control cloud-related expenses to ensure alignment with budgetary and operational goals and can also be your resale partner for Azure. Key services include: cost monitoring, cost allocation, cost optimization, resource tagging, budgeting, alerts/notifications for budget thresholds and automation to scale resources up or down depending on usage. Effective cloud spend management is an ongoing process  as cloud environments are dynamic and usage patterns can change.

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Data Analytics AI integration

managed data

Remove the burden of managing your data. We’ll help reduce disruptions, enhance your data platform and empower your organization to focus on what matters, your business. 3Cloud’s Managed Data team provides support of your data and analytics solutions and drives ongoing enhancements to the platform. Whether you need assistance with developing Power BI reports, managing ETLs and your Data Warehouse Platform or need Database Administration (DBA) to manage SQL, 3Cloud has the team to manage and drive improvements.

Customer Spotlight

Virtus decreased costs by 21% through migration and modernization to Azure. After a successful data center transformation, Virtus partnered with 3Cloud Managed Services to manage data center costs without compromising growth or agility. 

Your time should be spent growing your business, not managing cloud technology.

3Cloud Managed Services empowers clients to focus on their business while our expert teams proactively ensure a stable, secure and continuously improving Azure cloud environment. 

  • Achieve streamlined operations.
  • Manage cloud costs & maximize savings.
  • Produce data rich reports efficiently.
  • Empower governance with best-practice guidance.
  • Increase security & meet compliance/regulatory requirements.
  • 24×7 monitoring & management with proactive recommendations by Azure experts.

3Cloud Solution

Managed Platform

Our clients know their customers, their products and their markets. Their time should be spent looking for ways to grow and support their business, not managing technology. 3Cloud’s Managed Platform service can help. Managed Platform is a premium managed service designed to reduce disruptions and empower your IT organization to focus on what matters: your business.

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  • Enterprise-wide monitoring, proactive resolution, resource provisioning & configuration management
  • Proactive infrastructure maintenance (patching, backup, security score & Defender AV)
  • Weekly cadences (spend recommendations, cost efficiency, customized reports, KPIs & SLAs)
  • A dedicated account team for both client success & technical advisory

3Cloud Solution

Managed Data

Keep your team focused on strategic initiatives and let us partner with you to enhance, maintain and support your data and analytics solution — making sure you have the tools you need to continue evolving your cloud practices in line with desired business outcomes.

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Focus on your business, with your data

  • Dedicated Support
  • Expert Assistance
  • Enhancements & Improvements
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Advisory Services

“By moving to 3Cloud Managed Support (CSP) and then 3Cloud Managed Platform, we were able to optimize our Azure spend. 3Cloud helps us take advantage of Azure pricing efficiencies while providing excellent management and support for our environment.”

Lori Brewer, CEO

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Achieve Continuous Optimization with Azure Managed Services

Migration is only the first step in your cloud transformation journey.

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