The Solution

3Cloud engaged with the client to establish a data strategy and plan through our Data Blueprint solution, which led to the build out of a modern Azure Data Platform, providing a robust infrastructure for advanced data processing and storage capabilities. We developed and integrated key lines of business systems, including ERP, Estimating and Time Tracking. Through the development and implementation of pipelines and data modeling, data flows into an Azure Data Lake before being channeled into a centralized Data Warehouse.

This approach simplified data management and enabled the extraction of meaningful insights from various sources, enhancing overall business visibility. To empower decision-makers, 3Cloud created reports and dashboards, including Job Cost, Labor Analysis, and Forecasting, utilizing Power BI. In addition, the implementation of Power On technology enabled real-time interactivity, allowing users to engage with and edit reports and see immediate updates.

The Results

3Cloud’s solution supported the successful implementation, sustainability and scalability of the manufacturing company’s data and analytics transformation. By eliminating manual data processes, the business took a huge step towards efficiency and accessibility. Streamlined and automated data processes saves valuable time and data access becomes easier and faster. The design of the data platform is geared towards aggregating and centralizing reporting for both the corporate entity and operating companies (OpCos).

This centralized approach facilitates a more coherent and comprehensive understanding of the data landscape. The incorporation of Power On technology empowers users with the ability to interact with reports, make edits and receive updates in real-time, promoting a dynamic and responsive data environment. As the foundation for data management is established, visibility across the corporation is significantly increased. This strategic move set the foundation for OpCos to seamlessly pull data into the Azure Data Platform, creating a unified and streamlined approach to data management across the organization.

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