The Solution

3Cloud initiated our partnership with the client by demonstrating the feasibility of migrating the current ‘International’ Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to an Azure Data Platform, showcasing improved performance to guide the client’s decision-making process. Following this, our team conducted a pilot, testing the Synapse Modern Data platform with the client’s data, which not only met but exceeded performance expectations.

Building on the success of the PoC, the client chose to collaborate with 3Cloud to implement a comprehensive Azure data platform for their international insurance operations. This platform standardizes bordereaux data and offers a comprehensive risk management perspective across all cover holders. Subsequently, our team expanded upon the pilot’s groundwork to deploy a production-ready, industry-leading Azure Modern Data Platform.

The architecture developed by 3Cloud ensures the client’s agility in meeting present and future business demands. It’s designed with best-in-class practices to streamline data and analytics delivery, reducing overall time-to-market. Beyond the technical aspect, 3Cloud has established itself as a trusted advisor to the client, providing guidance on both infrastructure implementation and agile scrum methodologies.

Looking ahead, 3Cloud plans to replicate its success at the international level for the client’s U.S. operations, demonstrating our commitment to delivering consistent value across locations.

The Results

3Cloud’s partnership with the client has yielded significant impacts across various areas of their business operations. Our solution has enabled the business to achieve its objectives, including reducing time to delivery, enhancing performance and agility, achieving cost efficiency, and enhanced analytical capabilities.

Our solutions have resulted in remarkable improvements in operational efficiency. For instance, we’ve streamlined daily and monthly close processes to just an hour or two, a substantial improvement from the previously, often days long, process. Historical data loads, once taking five days, have been slashed to a mere ~45 minutes, marking a significant leap in efficiency. Additionally, our efforts have led to a remarkable decrease in total data load times, going from 60 hours to just 3 hours.

Yet, beyond these quantifiable advancements, 3Cloud’s emphasis on fostering relationships and facilitating knowledge transfer underscores our belief in the importance of empowering individuals alongside technological enhancements. By coaching and supporting the adoption of agile methodologies and imparting expertise in dimensional modeling and development patterns to the client’s development team, we’ve equipped them with modern project management and development practices.

Our collaboration extends beyond immediate optimizations. We’ve embarked on endeavors such as understanding how to implement an analytics program for their U.S. operations and conducting a GenAI workshop to explore AI integration into the business. As our partnership evolves, we continue to align with the client’s business roadmap to chart their cloud journey’s progression and identify how 3Cloud can further support their advancement.

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