With great power comes great responsibility.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. Every day, the possibilities for leveraging powerful AI tools expand. By incorporating AI tools in your Data, Analytics, and App Dev solutions, you will revolutionize the way you work by saving time manually creating content and by speeding up development.

Although Generative AI tools are simple to use, successfully and responsibly implementing Generative AI tools requires expert guidance. While Generative AI tools are helpful, it is important not to blindly follow their suggestions or content created. Without properly understanding the technologies, you could end up with content that is incorrect or irrelevant to your audiences.

Further, since Generative AI tools are so accessible, you could end up with uncontrolled sprawl or uninformed chaos. Once an increased number of users are empowered to create solutions using Generative AI tools, you run the risk of creating duplicative content, creating conflicting measure definitions, and overtaxing source systems. The Managed Data team can help your organization safely and effectively use Generative AI tools.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to a set of tools that allow you to create content by entering simple natural language prompts into chat windows. In plain terms, users describe what they want to see, and Generative AI tools automatically generate content based on the commands. Examples of content can be text summaries, code formulas, data visualizations, and so much more.

Generative AI tools create content by analyzing trends in historical data stored in Large Language Models (LLMs) that are hosted and managed by Microsoft. Users do not need to build or train their own Machine Learning models to use Generative AI tools.

Some examples include Microsoft Copilot, OpenAI, and Chat GPT.

Microsoft Copilot is a powerful Generative AI tool available in M365, Power Platform, GitHub, and more. Use Copilot to automate not only administrative tasks like scheduling Teams meetings, but also advanced tasks like creating Excel Pivot tables and Power BI visualizations. Copilot’s ability to create content and to summarize results provides us ample opportunity for speed and efficient delivery.

Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT are groundbreaking tools that can be leveraged for summarizing content and generating text narratives by entering commands in a conversational chat window. From translating languages, to writing code measures, to summarizing trends – the time-saving applications of Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT are endless.

Why Generative AI?

AI tools create basic content, so you can focus on more advanced reporting and analytical topics.

Content created using Generative AI tools can be integrated into new or existing solutions. For example, you could use ChatGPT to suggest a DAX formula to be used in a Power BI report. You could use OpenAI to generate a text summary of your report content for usage in executive presentations.

Instead of devoting time manually configuring visualizations, writing code, or formulating text narratives, reserve your time for developing custom content that a computer algorithm cannot achieve.

Unlock your potential by freeing up your mind from manual content creation. Spend your valuable time analyzing trends or developing more advanced visualizations and code snippets.

Why Managed Data?

The Managed Data Team can guide your organization in the successful implementation of Generative AI technologies.

With a Managed Data engagement, you receive dedicated support from a team of industry experts. Our annual contracts allow us to build a relationship with you and your team. We develop efficiency by understanding your business’ objective.

The Managed Data team sets you up for success over the long term. With the Managed Data team, you can implement Generative AI technologies at your own pace. Solutions can be implemented and revised at any time, allowing you to be reactive to your organization’s evolving needs or to recent releases in Generative AI tools, while still proactively planning for a gradual plan of improvement.

Further, you set the tone of the engagement. The flexibility of the Managed Data engagement structure allows you to select the goals and objectives of the engagement.

Some examples of topics the Managed Data team can tackle are:

Strategic Solution Enhancement

Elevate the standards of your existing Data and Analytic solutions with the Managed Data team. We can help you transform insights into foresights by strategically utilizing tools from the Microsoft stack, such as Power BI, Fabric, Power Apps, and Power Automate to supplement your existing solutions.

Other solutions at 3Cloud, available kindred to the Managed Data solution are our Managed AppDev and Managed DevOps solution areas.

Optimize and Maintain Existing Solutions

The Managed Data team can examine your existing solutions and use Generative AI tools to enhance the solutions. For example, the team may use tools like Microsoft Copilot to create more efficient DAX calculations to speed up Power BI report refresh times. Alternatively, the team could use Copilot to create more consistent visualizations and boost the look and feel of your reports.

By leveraging Generative AI tools, both you and the Managed Data team will work more efficiently. The Managed Data team can both guide you on best practices using Generative AI tools and can speed up development by spending less time manually creating content. By saving time creating content, the Managed Data team can tackle more advanced solution areas and can go the extra mile delivering solutions.

Expert Advisement & Guidance

The team of Managed Data engineers are seasoned industry experts in both Generative AI tools and in Data and Analytical workloads. The team of engineers can communicate lessons learned from prior engagements and can set your organization up for long-term success.

Generative AI tools lack conceptual awareness of your organization’s unique goals and may not fully understand complex measure definitions or filter contexts. Measures generated by AI tools could be overly simplified and could fail to include custom filters. Visualizations may not represent categorical information in the way that conveys the unique story you are trying to tell.

You and your engineers develop a relationship based on trust; we value ourselves as trusted advisors. The team will work to understand the complexities of your unique situation and will troubleshoot and validate content created using Generative AI tools for contextual accuracy. Managed Data engineers are design aficionados and will elevate automatically generated visualizations with advanced visualization techniques.

The Managed Data team will help you monitor and prevent uncontrolled sprawl as your adoption of Generative AI tools grows. The team is equipped to help you govern user activity and prevent unauthorized drain on resources or data loss.

User Support & Training

Since Artificial Intelligence tools are being released and updated constantly, staying up to date on the latest releases is paramount. The Managed Data team offers a variety of training programs in Microsoft Data technologies that users of any skill level can take to sharpen their skillsets.

Throughout your engagement, expect regular communication and user support from the engineers. The team works alongside you as trusted advisors who share their knowledge and answer any questions.

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