Traditionally, “managed services” refers to the practice of outsourcing business functions to an outside organization, with the purpose of improving operations and reducing expenses. At 3Cloud, we have elevated the standard concept of managed services. The Managed Data solution offered within Managed Services empowers organizations to develop a robust Modern Business Intelligence presence. Through solution implementation, guided training, and expert advisement, the Managed Data team enables Digital Transformation and increases organizational efficiency.

With 3Cloud’s Managed Data team, you are provided dedicated support from our team of expert engineers, whose aim is to act as a natural extension of your team. The goal of Managed Data engagements is to set organizations up for success.

Our architects and engineers can support you with both your short-term and long-term objectives. Our team can address any immediate pain points and enhance solutions to set your organization up for success. Not only can we enhance solutions of the utmost quality, but also, we can train and educate you throughout the engagement to ensure lasting success and to help foster a culture centered on data.
Our consultants strive to be trusted advisors within your organization, business unit, or department. We are committed to providing excellent service and to keep your organization up to date with the latest and greatest technologies designed to help you maximize the benefits from a data-driven culture.



One of the major benefits of a Managed Data engagement is the flexible structure. Managed Data engagements can run either alongside existing 3Cloud Projects, or Managed Data engagements can begin after a 3Cloud project concludes. Within a typical Managed Data engagement, clients purchase an allotment of hours per month to be used according to the client’s discretion. The Managed Data team can tackle objectives in whatever order will suit your organization’s needs best.

A typical breakdown of the hours utilized within a month is:

  • 75% of the month’s hours devoted to the enhancement of data solutions.
  • 25% of the month’s hours are reserved for production support of data solutions.

The flexibility of the Managed Data offering allows you to change priorities as necessary, based upon the speed of business or evolving market needs. Your organization’s monthly hours allotment could differ from the typical 75-25 split base; additionally, you are not restricted to split the monthly hours in any specific way. At any time, topics can be revisited or revised, allowing the Managed Data team to grow alongside your organization and infuse best practices throughout the engagement.

Managed Data


When you work with the Managed Data team, you receive personalized guidance and expert implementation delivered by a team of seasoned Modern Business Intelligence professionals.

Our clients choose to partner with 3Cloud’s Managed Services team for a variety of reasons, but four common scenarios include the needs for:

  • Post-Training Enablement
  • Post-Project Services
  • Upgrade & Tuning
  • Flexible Support


Post-Training Enablement

Take the Wheel

After completing formal training courses or collaborative workshops from 3Cloud, we can assist organizations with putting course material and workshop discussions into practice and providing continued education opportunities.

Managed Data clients can participate in training courses and interactive workshops designed to solidify and enhance attendees’ knowledge of Modern Data Platform and Business Intelligence tools. In these training courses, experienced engineers share their expertise and industry knowledge to set your organization up for long-term success.

Course materials cover topics ranging from report creation and design to subject matter deep dives on technical concepts. Users of any skill level can learn how to leverage Modern Business Intelligence tools to bring their data to life and drive lasting change in their organization.

Clients can choose the delivery format and schedule that best suits their needs. Courses can be revisited as needs change or new groups need to be trained. Courses can be separated into smaller audiences, allowing more interactive engagement with the material. Additionally, after learning more about your organization, materials can be modified to be more relevant to your unique circumstances.

Post-Project Services

Built to Last

The Managed Data team excels at ensuring the successful maintenance and upkeep of completed projects. The Managed Data team serves as a natural extension of services after a traditional 3Cloud or external Project. The Managed Data team undergoes rigorous knowledge transfer from the 3Cloud Project team and maintains a line of communication with prior engineers and architects to provide a seamless transition to the Managed Data engagement.

In Managed Data, we strive for longevity. We work alongside your organization to keep your solutions up-to-date and effective, to help you receive the biggest return on your investment.

Our Managed Data engineers wear their decades of industry expertise as a badge of honor.

The Managed Data team can enhance your solution by:

  • Adding ideas discovered during the project that were originally out of scope.
  • Incrementally updating your solution, such as adding new data sources and building new reports and dashboards.
  • Using lessons learned from previous on-hand experiences to safeguard solutions from downstream conflicts.
  • Spotting inefficiencies and finding ways to boost productivity and minimize downtime.

With a Managed Data contract, you and your engineers develop a solid partnership built on trust and rapport. The ongoing relationship between your team and the Managed Data team allows for new opportunities to arise and to provide long-term value.

Upgrades & Tuning

The Latest and Greatest

A pillar of conduct within the Managed Data team is keeping up to date with the most recently released Modern Data Platform and Business Intelligence tools. With the assistance of the experts on the Managed Data team, your solution and tech stack will stay up to date in the fast-moving world of data and analytics.

The Managed Data team can monitor recently released Data Platform and Business Intelligence tools and actively implement them as soon as possible. We can also help maintain and improve the performance of data models and systems over time, as well as add new features, thereby helping you realize more returns on your data investments.

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the future. The Managed Data team can help your organization understand AI from both a conceptual and a tactical standpoint, all while ensuring proper security and ethical concerns are upheld. Through the trusted guidance of the Managed Data team, your organization can utilize AI to increase productivity and minimize duplicative efforts in your organization. Additionally, we can assist with Machine Learning technologies to shift your analytical solutions from mere descriptive to more robust predictive analytics and drive lasting change in your organization.

Support as a Service

Keep the Lights Running

Managed Services offer you the ultimate flexibility through our Support as a Service model.

The Managed Data team is passionate about delivering clear, consistent documentation and communication, both among the larger 3Cloud organization and with our clients. Detailed status reports keep you updated and in the driver’s seat, providing an overview of all work being done by the 3Cloud team on a day-to-day basis.

Expect regular communication and transparent visibility throughout the engagement:

  • Weekly Tactical Prioritization Meetings for transparent communication.
  • Monthly Strategic Sessions to ensure alignment with overarching business vision.
  • Consistent line of communication through email for direct support.
  • Progress visibility and tracking through the Ticketing Support System.

Finally, each Managed Data contract contains a bucket of “Flex Hours” that can be spent at your discretion across the entire contract. The Flex Hours allow for overages in any given month to cover for unforeseen circumstances or for short-term focused projects that would require more hours than usual. If you’d like to learn more about our managed services, contact us today.