Earlier this week, Microsoft discussed new data and AI solutions to help healthcare organizations. As Microsoft’s US Partner of the Year, we too see opportunity to uncover new insights for the industry and improve patient and clinician experiences. Learn more about our unique Azure solutions powering modern healthcare and how we are revolutionizing the industry today.

The Data Challenge in Healthcare

In Microsoft’s article, they mentioned a study by the World Economic Forum, stating that hospitals produce 50 petabytes of siloed data per year – that’s equivalent to approximately 10 billion music files. Ninety-seven percent of this data goes unused, leaving many valuable insights locked away. 3Cloud is transforming the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. From streamlining revenue cycle management to producing better clinical outcomes, artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the hottest topics within the entire healthcare sphere.

Microsoft Fabric and Healthcare

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced their new software as a service intelligent data platform called Microsoft Fabric. This platform supports a single user interface to build out and share all the necessary components of your intelligent data solution. From data engineering to data storage to data visualization, this is the one stop shop for all things data and analytics. 3Cloud is proud to have partnered with Microsoft during the private preview by providing feedback and insights into how this product will work best for us and for our customers. In the healthcare industry, it plays a pivotal role by ensuring that digital tools and platforms provide intuitive user experiences, streamlining workflows, enhancing patient care, and facilitating efficient data management and collaboration among professionals.

We can address the intricate challenges of the healthcare sector by leveraging tailored data analytics solutions. Recognizing the importance of patient-centric care, 3Cloud ensures the delivery of exceptional and personalized experiences for both patients and members, always prioritizing privacy at each care touchpoint. Our approach fosters health team collaboration by streamlining workflows, seamlessly connecting individuals and bolstering teamwork. We can also actively support the healthcare workforce by maximizing the quality time spent with patients and minimizing the administrative overhead.

Enhancing clinician productivity by offering rapid documentation tools that leverage precise dictation and virtual assistant features is another solution we can offer. By unlocking the power of data analytics, we offer actionable insights that lead to operational improvements, potential cost savings, and superior clinical outcomes. Understanding the sensitivity of health data, we take robust measures to protect and govern this information across various platforms – from systems and devices to applications and cloud services, ensuring comprehensive data security.

Innovations in AI for Healthcare

From analyzing complex medical images to predicting patient health trajectories, AI-driven solutions are transforming the healthcare industry. Microsoft Azure plays a pivotal role in this revolution by offering a cloud platform that supports the development, training, and deployment of AI models. With Azure’s advanced machine learning, healthcare institutions can process vast amounts of data to pull meaningful insights, improve clinical decisions, and optimize patient outcomes, all while ensuring data security and compliance.

Chatbots are also changing the healthcare industry by providing instant, around-the-clock support and information to patients, streamlining administrative tasks, and reducing the workload on healthcare professionals. These AI virtual assistants can conduct preliminary medical screenings, translate industry jargon, answer questions, schedule appointments, and even offer mental health support, while ensuring a consistent level of accuracy and speed. In doing this, they not only enhance patient engagement and satisfaction but also optimize clinical workflows, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and operational efficiencies within the healthcare ecosystem.

In addition to chatbots, Text Analytics for health, an Azure AI Language service uses machine learning to extract and categorize crucial medical data from diverse unstructured texts.

MultiCare worked with Microsoft to establish telehealth capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it turned to Azure for a flexible and cost-effective solution, specifically drawing upon the capabilities of Azure DevOps, a set of modern development services, and Azure Health Data Services, a suite of purpose-built technologies for PHI built on FHIR standards. MultiCare used Azure solutions to achieve increased efficiency (175 percent improvement in closing care gaps) in the medication reconciliation process so vital to its work.

Healthcare Payers and Providers

Many healthcare organizations are unfamiliar with how to best implement and adopt the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard and can face steep fines for noncompliance. 3Cloud’s FHIR Jumpstart provides a foundation for the adoption of FHIR to conduct an MVP style deployment to support interoperability to strengthen care coordination and innovation in Microsoft Azure. Plus, keep sensitive health information private and secure.

In a time where the healthcare industry is rapidly changing, especially with the introduction of artificial intelligence, it’s important to stay on top of changes in patient care and operational efficiency. Our tailored solutions not only champion a patient-centric approach but also address the nuanced challenges faced by healthcare professionals daily. By emphasizing personalized experiences, efficient collaboration, and robust data protection, we are setting new standards for the future of healthcare. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today.