“3Cloud’s knowledge, expertise, and talent includes Azure but goes beyond. 3Cloud has staff that is engaged and stays attuned to all the changes and influences in healthcare data. Its talent goes from technology all the way to business, strategy and operations.”

Nick Shepard, Assistant Vice President of Data Orchestration at MultiCare

The Solution

When MultiCare was ready to innovate its data systems, it looked to Microsoft and 3Cloud.

MultiCare had already worked with Microsoft to establish telehealth capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it turned to Azure for a flexible and cost-effective solution, specifically drawing upon the capabilities of Azure DevOps, a set of modern development services, and Azure Health Data Services, a suite of purpose-built technologies for PHI built on FHIR standards. But MultiCare was looking for more than just access to Azure offerings — it was looking for a partnership to help make the most of the versatile solution. MultiCare Health System partnered with 3Cloud to successfully modernize its data exchange system. The healthcare organization took full advantage of available technology to improve its systems and create the flexible, scalable solution it had envisioned. 

With 3Cloud’s collaboration, MultiCare went live with its new solution following a swift development process that started just three months earlier.

The Results

These improvements in data exchange ultimately helped MultiCare tame the previously tedious, labor-intensive process of medication reconciliation.

“This was a really awesome opportunity to take a really painful process for our patients that often resulted in a delay of care—or in some cases, just a painful experience in the hospital—and automate it,” says Bradd Busick, senior vice president and chief information officer of MultiCare.

MultiCare used Azure solutions to achieve increased efficiency (175 percent improvement in closing care gaps) in the medication reconciliation process so vital to its work. This translates to a $2,000 return on investment in year one and continued scale and growth in subsequent years. MultiCare saw other savings in its streamlined processes as well. The organization reported a $50 cost savings per patient chart due to faster, automated access to healthcare records and a 67.5 percent time savings due to increased efficiency. Additionally, MultiCare expects to see other measurable patient benefits like reduced wait times.

“The things that you can touch and feel and see are increased patient satisfaction and faster processing,” says Busick. MultiCare looks forward to fostering more of these tangible benefits.

The company’s boost in interoperability, along with newly streamlined processes, positions MultiCare as an industry leader and sets a standard for other healthcare organizations. Taylor stresses the importance of MultiCare’s collaboration with technology partners such as 3Cloud and Microsoft, as well as the opportunity for each to learn from and educate the other. “This isn’t just about MultiCare,” says Anna Taylor. “This is about serving our community — and the way we do that is together as a team of teams.”

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