Are high availability and disaster recovery the same thing? High availability and disaster recovery are both very important and meaningful for business continuity but should be considered as completely different topics. In a recent webinar, Consultant and DBA Michael Wall, teaches you all you need to know about HR and DR, as well as how you should be using them in your environment.

High availability (HA) is there to keep the data and the applications available for the business, in other words, your users. This presentation will delve into each way that IT can provide HA. He’ll cover:

  • How your hardware is at risk
  • How your software can provide continuity
  • A few simple data tricks for HA

HA is keeping the disaster from happening as long as possible, while DR is dealing with it after the fact. Disaster recovery (DR) is for when your tricks and software have failed, your systems are down, and users are unable to connect. Michael covers the four main topics in Disaster Recovery:

  • Hardware style – secondary servers, alternate data centers
  • Software – backups and recovery, RTO and RPO
  • Data – Can you run a business? What critical tables/objects/rights/users are needed to make the business limp along?
  • People – make sure the people resources are available for when the crisis hits. Where does the DBA fit in all this?

Lastly, the webinar digs into utilizing Azure for your HA and DR needs. This is where the cloud can really shine.

If you’d like to learn more about high availability and disaster recovery, and how robust backup strategy goes a long way to deal with disaster recovery situations, this webinar is for you! Watch the complete webinar below.

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