Do you want to learn data discovery and classification with SQL Server 2019? In a recent webinar, Director of Consulting, Steve Hughes, teaches the steps required to run discovery and eventually audit the sensitive data in your database.

With the newest version of Management Studio there is more talk about data classification capability and security. Things like information policies, data protection, and GDPR are influencing how we think about data and how we manage it.

Microsoft has been working through this important aspect (within Azure and SQL Server 2019) of understanding what it means to do the next level of security by paying attention to the data we’re storing, not just the fact that the data may be confidential.

The webinar begins with discussion of current protections of the database in SQL Server such as encryption, Row Level Security (RLS) and Active Directory. The presentation’s focus is on data classification and labeling to organize data and classify and label sensitive data, and where SQL Server can help.

Much of the time is spent on a demo using SQL Server Management Studio 18.5 and SQL Server 2019 (Developer Edition) which will go through the steps of discovery and classification. Also reviewed are the built-in information types and sensitivity labels.

So, if you want to learn about data discovery and classification with SQL Server 2019, this webinar is for you. Watch the complete webinar below.

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