The Transformation Approach

Virtus needed their technology investment to be the springboard for their innovation and growth strategies. They knew a cloud environment would create an efficient and more effective way to add incremental capacity. Therefore, Virtus partnered with 3Cloud to lead the cloud transformation to not only move their data center to Microsoft Azure, but also outline a clear path to modernize their technology infrastructure and optimize the new environment.

3Cloud’s approach focused on three core phases:

  1. Conduct an Advanced Cloud Readiness Assessment – 3Cloud conducted a comprehensive assessment that leveraged Movere, resulting in a more than 21% annual savings over Virtus’ prior hosting company. 
  2. Migrate Virtus Partners’ entire data center including eight applications – 3Cloud identified a clear migration path for success.
  3. Modernize Virtus Partners’ data center with PaaS-focused infrastructure – 3Cloud provided on-going optimization
    through the partnership with its Managed Services team.

“Our vision encompasses more than back office virtual machine management. 3Cloud’s partnership enabled Virtus Partners to transition quickly to where we wanted to be today, and to transform our operations to where we are heading for the future.”

Lee Wielenga, CIO, Virtus Partners

Modernizing for the Future

3Cloud worked with Virtus on a three-pronged approach to transform the data center and transition applications to Azure:

  1. Move the core infrastructure to Azure
  2. Re-write legacy applications in cloud-native architectures
  3. Transition from outdated data platforms to Azure-based capabilities

The migration of Virtus’ core infrastructure was straightforward, but business demands did not allow downtime during the process. The 3Cloud team developed a wave-based migration approach that enabled Virtus to transition lower-priority applications first, ensuring the validity of the process and functionality, then moving to more critical applications. The 3Cloud team transitioned more than 25TB of data to the new environment within six months.

Building Value through Managed Services

Once the transformation was complete, Virtus required additional risk oversight and expertise with Azure management. Given Virtus’ extensive and sensitive data platforms, the company turned to 3Cloud for ongoing managed services and Azure expertise across the full breadth of the platform. This included support in virtual machines, PaaS services, and third-party solutions in order to ensure operational excellence.

3Cloud Managed Services supported Virtus on day one of the Azure migration completion, so the transition to a support model was seamless. The 3Cloud team set up environmental and security monitoring and alerting, as well as engagement service support, as part of the overall support services strategy for the company. 3Cloud was on hand to identify system and application performance issues and to help Virtus develop solutions to address any service issues. For example, the Virtus team identified core application servers that were not keeping up with user demands. Together, the teams with Microsoft support engineers determined the performance issue early on. 3Cloud’s expertise and strong relationship with Microsoft enabled the issue to be addressed and fixed quickly.

3Cloud Managed Services continued to work with Virtus’ leadership to identify new cost efficiencies, ongoing recommendations to optimize their environment as they grow, and incorporate new Azure services. In addition, 3Cloud provided regular reporting to improve efficiencies, track issues and resolve, and provide recommendations for usage capacity opportunities. 

The Results

The 3Cloud team delivered the Virtus data center and infrastructure transformation in less than six months. As part of the transformation strategy, the 3Cloud Managed Services team worked with the Virtus team to identify low utilization servers and storage that would right-size their overall needs more effectively. Through the 3Cloud partnership, Virtus increased their overall environment size, and more importantly saved 21% annually over their previous data center hosting fees.

A large part of the success of the engagement was due to the close partnership with 3Cloud experts guiding the Virtus team through the Azure implementation seamlessly. The added value of 3Cloud’s strong tie to Microsoft, creating a three-way dialog between Virtus, Microsoft, and 3Cloud, was key to addressing Virtus’ long-term business objectives for the transformation.

Virtus’ new environment has positioned the company to address their growth challenges and meet their business demands quickly and effectively. 

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