“Now, our team is able to explore our business through a customer-focused lens. They are asking more in-depth questions, which lead to a better understanding of our business and ultimately better business decisions.”

Chris Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Business Analytics and Strategy, vineyard vines

The Solution

3Cloud helps vineyard Vines better understand their business with a data and analytics solution. 

3Cloud built a unified Azure Data Platform to allow for scale and shared use across departments. By implementing Power BI reports, we enabled the business users to perform their own analysis, as well as operationalized analytics and department dashboards for consistent use. A unified commerce platform blends siloed datasets and will scale to support the needs of the company. In addition, Azure Machine Learning reveals deeper customer intelligence data which empowers employees with a keen understanding of customers for more informed decisions. 

The Results

The data and analytics solution we provided gave vineyard vines the benefit of an immediate understanding of customer behavior, including how, when, where, and why they buy. Customer data is now in one centralized hub, allowing the marketing team to easily find insights via an intuitive self-service dashboard. Azure Machine Learning reveals never before seen insights into customer data. The newly gained predictive analytics fuels more informed decision making across the business.

Most importantly, the ability of more personalized campaign development led to a 150% ROI in one year. 

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