Align your cloud transformation plan with your organizational business goals.  

Define a cloud migration and modernization strategy that is aligned with strategic business drivers. A solid cloud sresotrategy can provide an in-depth overview of your organization’s core objectives, help you identify risks and align IT efforts to high-level strategic business goals, allowing you to set the path for growth for all your cloud IT systems and services. Let us help you keep mission-critical resources on track while reducing risk and boosting business growth at the speed your operation demands. 

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cloud enablement and adoption

No one path exists for cloud adoption; every organization is different and has unique needs, but the primary implementation stages of cloud enablement are similar for all companies and industries. A clear strategy needs to be defined, along with a strong plan on how to ready your organization for cloud adoption.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

workload rationalization

Digital transformation is a hot topic for many organizations. Cloud adoption, along with workload rationalization, is a key part of this activity. Workload rationalization is the practice of assessing assets to decide the best way to migrate or modernize each one in the cloud. Options include: rehost, refactor, rearchitect, rebuild, and replace.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

financial Justification

As part of your cloud strategy, 3Cloud will assess and evaluate the financial aspects of adopting cloud computing services for your business or organization. This analysis will determine whether migrating to the cloud is a cost-effective decision and how it can provide a return on your investment. Key components of financial justification include: Cost Assessment, Cost Reduction, Return on Investment (ROI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Scalability, Performance and Productivity Benefits, Risk Mitigation, Cost Management and Comparative Analysis. 

Transform Your Business with a Well-Planned Cloud Strategy  

  • Prioritize your initiatives and projects. 
  • Communicate a “Big Picture” to identify opportunities for savings.   
  • Chart out the true cost, accountabilities, roles, and responsibilities of each project.
  • Gain a clear understanding the estimated duration for your project. 
  • Get justifications and timelines for existing projects or initiatives. 
  • Build a business case to ensure you can reach your operational goals and stay on budget. 
  • Help stakeholders understand complex data and dependencies quickly. 
  • Ensure that your future cloud infrastructure can support your business goals. 

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3Cloud solution

Cloud Roadmap Solution

To capitalize on your investment in Azure, a holistic approach provides the most thorough and cost-effective method. The Cloud Roadmap Solution aids in creating an overall business case along with a detailed migration and modernization plan so you can solidify your path forward to the cloud. 3Cloud will analyze your current IT environment and make recommendations for modernizing your Infrastructure, Data & Analytics, and Applications by leveraging Azure.

This engagement provides:

  • Detailed Cloud Roadmap and Business Use Case Roadmap.
  • Recommendations for modernizing Infrastructure, Apps, and Data.
  • Comprehensive Cost Analysis with an Executive Readout.
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The Cloud Roadmap engagement consists​ of four phases taking place over​ a four-to-six-week period.


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