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Organizations have the difficult job of balancing countless priorities when selecting the right platforms and architecture. Cost, security, compliance, data protection, business continuity/disaster recovery, agility, scale, and innovation are all factors in the decision-making process. With 3Cloud, we work to continually improve the agility, performance, and​ flexibility that the cloud can provide you, while reducing IT costs.

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3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform


Central to transformation is the right platforms across data center and cloud environments. 3Cloud can help you develop the application migration strategy, accelerating time to market, decreasing development costs, and enhancing performance with highly scalable cloud-native Azure-hosted applications.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform


In a world of constant digital transformation, your data is the core component to driving business value. 3Cloud can help you unlock key insights, reach more customers, and reduce costs with our Database Migration. We’ll guide you in simplifying and automating your database migration to Azure, easily migrating your data, schema, and objects from multiple sources to the cloud at scale.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform


Storage migration services make it easier to migrate storage to Windows Server or to Azure. 3Cloud can help your organization create inventories of your data on Windows or Linux, and then transfer the data to newer servers or to Azure virtual machines, with availability to access data without changing links or paths.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

azure vmware solution (Avs)

The Azure VMware Solution (AVS) enables organizations with substantial investments in VMware infrastructure to migrate and manage workloads in Microsoft Azure by reaping the benefits of its flexibility and cloud native capabilities without having to replace existing VMware tools, processes, and skill sets.

3Cloud Solutions Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

managed platform

3Cloud can help your organization successfully manage and execute large migration projects brought about by mergers and acquisitions, on-prem to cloud, or data modernization efforts. The experts at 3Cloud have extensive migration experience across industries and business sizes to ensure you avoid the most common pitfalls with a comprehensive data migration strategy.

Achieve Dynamic Scalability with Azure Migration ​

Cloud computing has entirely transformed the way enterprises grow. Moving the databases to cloud can help your organization to run and manage your applications at a global scale, while providing scalable and flexible environments. 3Cloud can help you make the best use of cloud’s sophistication to align with your business objectives. We can guide you in achieving your vision in the most timely and secure fashion with our in-depth understanding of the varying dynamics of data center, cloud, and edge environments.

Key outcomes:​

  • Gain enhanced scalability​
  • Simplify and reduce IT spend​
  • Robust security and compliance features​
  • Better managing of customer expectations
3Cloud Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration
“Our experience with 3Cloud was phenomenal and incredibly well managed. The folks at 3Cloud really worked to listen and understand what our problem was, and then worked with us to translate our bigger picture needs into specific solutions. They were always patient and explained all the fine details to us, no matter how many times they needed to pivot as things changed.”

– Nat Moorman, PhD
Founder of READDI & Associate Professor at UNC School of Microbiology & Immunology

3Cloud Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Jumpstart


Cloud Migration Jumpstart

Change is inevitable. If it’s time for a hardware or software refresh or you are facing “end of support” or the end of your data center contract, take advantage of this opportunity to migrate your on-premises servers to Azure. By migrating to the cloud, you will be able to leverage the cloud’s availability, scalability, and redundancy. You’ll make the switch from costly capital expenditures to flexible operating expenses while ensuring robust security. ​

3Cloud will leverage its experience and expertise in Azure Migrations to assess, plan, and execute a migration, while avoiding common pitfalls, challenges, frustrations, and surprises often faced when attempting a complicated migration into the cloud.

Deliverables include:

  • Application and Server Inventory List 
  • Azure Migrate Dependency Analysis
  • Azure Consumption Estimate 
  • Migration Plan with Wave Tracker
  • Azure Network Diagram 
  • Migration of Workloads in Azure
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3Cloud Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

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