The Solution

To expand the software client’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) into new markets, 3Cloud employed its Azure Migration playbook, focusing on infrastructure, applications, and DevOps needs. Utilizing the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), 3Cloud established a modern environment and migrated their CLM. Beginning with 3Cloud’s Holistic Business Case (HBC) offering, which included the Application Modernization Assessment, 3Cloud conducted a data center resource scan via the “3Cloud360 Migration” Power BI portal. Curated workshops prioritized services for migration. The Application Innovation Roadmap then outlined services to refactor/rebuild using Azure PaaS, demonstrating the redesign of CLM with modern architecture. Addressing deployment gaps, 3Cloud introduced GitHub, Terraform, and modern DevOps practices for automated, one-click deployment across multiple Azure regions. After successfully migrating CLM to Azure, 3Cloud identified the need to migrate and modernize the client’s eSignature suite, repeating the process for a comprehensive strategy that enabled efficient and reliable global deployment of CLM features.

The Results

3Cloud’s collaboration with the software client to migrate and modernize using Azure has significantly transformed the business. Outcomes include the successful expansion of the organization’s CLM suite to Australia, Canada, Europe, and APAC, effectively addressing market demand and expanding the revenue stream. Furthermore, improvements in eSignature scalability and availability have equipped them to support a rapidly growing customer and partner base, resulting in an impressive 37% YoY growth in new customer subscriptions across their suite. Operational costs saw an annual reduction of $1.3 million, and time to market improved by 40%, achieved through the implementation of DevOps processes and application architecture, leveraging modern PaaS offerings. The overall service level experienced enhancement, with decreased latency, heightened security, improved reliability, and availability in both CLM and eSignature, attributed to a modern application architecture and global Azure deployments.

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