The Solution

AmeriSave joined forces with 3Cloud to address their urgent business continuity and performance needs, embarking on a strategic Azure migration. This encompassed the transfer of a substantial 20TB SQL Server database and more than 40 loan processing application servers. Additionally, 3Cloud launched an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) pilot program to provide a seamless virtual desktop experience to their extensive user base of over 6,000 individuals spanning across 200+ virtual machines. To modernize their loan processing application, 3Cloud initiated a transformation from a monolithic system to a flexible and agile microservices environment suitable for both web and cloud environments. Concurrently, our team initiated a DevOps transformation within Azure, establishing the groundwork for an effective DevOps framework. To ensure the stability and security of their Azure environment, AmeriSave engaged 3Cloud’s Managed Services team, ensuring a stable and secure Azure environment.

The Results

In their partnership with Azure and 3Cloud, AmeriSave accomplished impressive results. They significantly improved the performance of vital business applications, leading to smoother operations and a better online customer experience. This optimization enabled AmeriSave to capture additional revenue opportunities. Notably, the company smoothly accommodated their workforce growth, which had grown from 900 to an impressive 6,000 employees in under a year, with a secure and scalable Azure Virtual Desktop implementation. Their new modernized IT environment strategically positions AmeriSave for continued rapid growth in a competitive, high-growth market, solidifying their leadership and readiness for the future.

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