Video Transcription:

Hi my name is Tim with the Data and Analytics team here at 3Cloud. In this video, we’re going to take a look at using the SQL endpoint within Microsoft Fabric to provide a bit of context. What this allows us to do is query our data using SQL as well as connect to our lakehouse using tools like SMS and on my screen right now you’ll notice we have 3 objects named DEMO Lakehouse Gold, one is a lakehouse, one is a data set, and the last one is our SQL endpoint. Note that whenever we provision a lakehouse within Fabric, a SQL endpoint and data set get automatically created, so access our SQL endpoint.

We’re just going to click on this link here and you’ll notice that we have our DVO schema and all of the tables that we’ve created are automatically visible here now. I also want to point out that you can switch between the SQL Endpoint view and the lakehouse view just by going to this button up here right now we’re looking at SQL endpoint, but you can easily toggle to see the lakehouse view.

So there’s a couple of ways to interact with this that I mentioned. The first way is just by using the web interface. So if we’re looking at the lakehouse SQL endpoint here and we click on New SQL query at the top, we can just start typing a regular SQL statement and if we hit run, we’ll get some results.

There we go. What’s also cool about this interface is that if you right click on a table here, you also get options to select top under rows which will automatically generate the SQL for you, and you can do manipulations to create views here, whatever you want to do to your data. So the other way to interact with this is if we go to this little gear icon, we get a SQL connection string. So if we copy that and we go over to SMS, we can actually connect to this.

Now we can also interact with it much like we would a regular SQL database. So if we hit our tables select top a 1000, there, you have it. Hoping you found this video useful if you need any support working with Microsoft Fabric or any other Azure related services. Reach out to 3Cloud today.