Most people know that AWS and Microsoft Azure are huge competitors in the cloud arena. But today I’ll tell you 4 big reasons why I don’t think Amazon can match Microsoft in the cloud and why Azure helps customers trying to do strategic things with their data.

1. Interoperability is #1 in Azure. Clients are looking for identity management, security and systems that are designed to work together and the best place to get that is with Azure.

2. Mission critical workloads. Mission critical workloads like huge data warehouses, SAP, giant Oracle implementations and massive global systems being redeployed on Cosmos DB are being chosen to be done on the Azure platform by more and more customers to ensure those big mission critical workloads hum along.

3. Microsoft 365. Having Microsoft 365 and all the dynamics of Power BI, Office365 and all the other tools that are designed to run VMs and manage your data in the cloud, but more even more important, they extend those capabilities, with analytics, identity and insights, all the way out to the edge.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about the intelligent edge and what we are seeing is everywhere there is data, Microsoft is moving compute and capability out to those edges. The ability to do that is something Amazon can’t match.

4. The Hybrid Story. Amazon just announced some new things with VMware where you can run some Amazon services inside of a VMware cluster. OK, a great compromise but the bottom line is Microsoft is the only platform that offers a true hybrid scenario, so do you really want a compromise?

Microsoft has things built to run in your data center, to run hybrid extended out into the Azure cloud and to run directly in the Azure cloud, no matter what your footprint is. Hybrid is a game that other providers are playing catch-up on. We don’t want to recommend brand new, catch-up type architecture to our customer – we want to recommend something reliable, robust and proven—in other words, Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft has been doing it longer and does it better – need I say more?

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