Indeed, governance has become a cornerstone of a successful IT strategy and operations. Many IT organizations have found a way to thrive by deploying effective governance that sets realistic organizational expectations, removes the guesswork from escalations, and employs best practices, change management, and security.

As the move to the cloud has accelerated, many organizations have struggled to transition their governance models to a cloud or hybrid model. Why? It’s different. Completely different? No – but the shift to the cloud is not uniquely tied to technology. There are people and process considerations to keep in mind as well.

Ways to Ensure Proper Cloud Governance

Your organization might be process-driven, or you might not (no one admits this ) or is somewhere in between (this describes most). In any of these scenarios, there are considerable changes ahead to ensure proper cloud governance.

The suitable cloud governance model must include co-managed procedures. The co-managed model takes two forms:

  1. Employ a Managed Service Provider who can translate the Public Cloud pieces and add expertise.
  2. Co-manage directly with the Public Cloud provider if you already have the skills internally.

Working together with outside organizations requires proper governance – process, procedures, change management. More and more these days, this isn’t happening without DevOps. It’s the glue that holds IT, code, and external help together.

Security’s Role in Cloud Governance

There is no way to be effective anywhere in IT without the proper security posture. How does this change in the cloud? It changes in several ways. Cloud security has become exceptionally good in the public cloud. What was once a detractor has become a strength.

Security in the cloud starts with a sort of improved model. You get roughly 70% of what you used to have to configure on your own off the shelf painstakingly. The rest of the configuration is customized to your individual needs and the compliances required for your organization.

While governance in the cloud is not easy, it is also doable with an effective strategy. Addressing it early is an essential part of success. We here at 3Cloud wish you great success in the deployment of your cloud or hybrid governance model. Get started by reviewing our cloud readiness checklist: 4 Key Areas to Evaluate Before Adopting Microsoft Azure or get started with 3Cloud.