Do you want to learn Web Scraping with Power BI Python? In this recent webinar you’ll learn how to scrape HTML data information from websites and use that as data in your Power BI reports.

Power BI gives you an easy way to extract, or scrape, information as data from web content, and then import that information as a dataset ready for reporting. There are many cool things you can do with web scraping. This webinar focuses on getting informational data for reporting and analytics, such as importing .CSV files from a web source and scraping tables from HTML.

The presentation begins with a quick look at working with Power BI and Python and what you’ll need to download and configure for these two environments to work together, as well as an overview of what web scraping is.

This demo-heavy presentation includes demos on:

  • Scraping an HTML table and a table from example from a website
  • Using Python in Power BI
  • Using Power Query/M to web scrape paginated data into Power BI

If you want to learn more about web scraping with Power BI and Python this webinar is for you. Watch the complete presentation below.

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