At 3Cloud we are very excited about the release of SQL Server 2016 because it represents a meaningful step forward in the technology capabilities for integrated delivery of business intelligence, data warehousing, analytics, and data science.

RServices.jpgTo highlight three of the most compelling new capabilities:

1. Integration with R Services opens up an immense number of possibilities for deep data analysis, data science, and custom data visualization. R Services allows a data scientist to do what he does best, alongside a database administrator to operationalize, secure, and oversee the analytics solution.

2. Polybase facilitates accessing Hadoop data structures using familiar SQL Server tools and language. This significantly lowers the entry point for starting to work with Big Data because it can more easily integrate different types of data. It also works with your favorite reporting tool such as Power BI or Reporting Services.

3. Last but not least, new security capabilities via Row-Level Security, Always Encrypted, and Dynamic Data Masking can be game-changers when it comes to safeguarding data. Having these features available natively as part of SQL Server will reduce the need for some customized solutions, freeing up developer time to create features of more value.


For more information, check our Overview of Features for Data and Analytics for an overview of the most relevant new data and analytics capabilities in SQL Server 2016, including why each item has significance in the area of data management.

If you have additional questions about SQL Server 2016 we’d be happy to help.  Please contact us today and we’ll setup a call.