CHICAGOAug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The recent pandemic revealed numerous shortcomings in relying on legacy on-premise applications and IT operations, strengthening arguments for a move to cloud computing across industries. With a greater number of employees transitioning to work remotely during the height of COVID-19, and businesses having to completely change their practices to accommodate fewer people on-site, remote data security, supply chain delays, demand for services and products decreases, and dramatic increases in inflation, there was more pressure than ever to adapt and transform quickly.

Microsoft Azure, a public cloud software giant, continues to achieve monumental growth with a 40% expansion in 2022, gaining the lead in the market share held by Amazon Web Services. In an article by Financial News Today, Wall Street analyst Phil Winslow states that the shift in the way businesses use the cloud contributes to Microsoft’s strengths. Winslow points out that companies are “advancing in a multi-year strategic cloud-first transformation,” making significant changes to the way they structure their IT infrastructure rather than just moving specific applications to the cloud. Winslow goes on to state that he believes enterprise customers who already have large investments in Microsoft technology in their own data centers are likely to choose Azure as a strategic cloud provider. “No company is better positioned than Microsoft to help organizations deliver on their digital imperative – so they can do more with less,” stated Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

To make the transition to cloud more approachable, Microsoft developed the Solution Assessment program. 3Cloud, a premier Microsoft Partner, has conducted more Azure solution assessments than any other partner in the industry over the last 4 years, leading hundreds of organizations through the first step of their cloud journey. With over 700 Azure experts on staff, 3Cloud continues to grow faster than the rate of Azure market growth, ensuring that they will continue to lead the market in Azure adoption solutions. “When the pandemic hit in 2020, we witnessed our customers across every industry recognize the need to accelerate their digital transformation. They were struggling, and quickly realizing that the data and applications they needed to effectively run their business in this new environment were in dire need of modernization. 3Cloud knew we had to quickly support and engage with these clients to ensure that they survived and thrived in these unprecedented times,” says Mike Rocco, 3Cloud Founder and CEO.

The strong relationship with Microsoft is a cornerstone of 3Cloud’s proven success. This year they were awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year across multiple categories, including:

  • Worldwide Winner Migration to Azure
  • Worldwide Winner Solution Assessments
  • US Winner Solution Assessments
  • US Winner Modernizing Applications
  • Worldwide Finalist Analytics
  • Worldwide Finalist Healthcare & Life Sciences

3Cloud was selected from over 3,900 worldwide and 1,800 national partner nominations, for demonstrating excellence in digital innovation and modernizing clients’ data estates and applications on the Microsoft Azure platform. “3Cloud has been a key partner to the Solution Assessment team since inception. They have continuously demonstrated how to lead customers to successful cloud outcomes across the U.S. via our portfolio of engagements and drive shorter time to value for our shared customers.” – Chris Danielz, Microsoft GM US Solution Assessment Team.

About 3Cloud

As a top Microsoft services partner focused 100% on the Azure platform, 3Cloud helps clients build, migrate, modernize, and manage their applications, infrastructure, data and analytics in the cloud. Founded by Mike Rocco and Jim Dietrich who served over 15 years together at Microsoft, 3Cloud combines a team of highly experienced cloud architects and technologists with a strong network of Microsoft sales and engineering relationships to deliver the ultimate Azure experience for clients. 3Cloud is headquartered in Chicago and serves clients throughout the U.S.