Do you want to learn how to address real-world issues with Power BI and DAX? In a recent webinar, Principal Consultant, Paul Turley, teaches you what you need to know. Paul covers many-to-many relationships, using disconnected tables and takes a look at using composite models.

This presentation takes a deep dive into Tabular modeling and calculation and includes demos. Paul’s agenda covers:

  • Dimensional modeling basics (just a quick run through as this is a more advanced presentation)
  • Filter propagation in Tabular models
  • Effects of single and bi-directional relationships as you are creating relationships in your data model
  • A look at scenarios where data model relationships can or cannot be used to achieve requirements or may or may not solve business problems
  • Dynamic measures built on a dimensional data model
  • A demo on DirectQuery in a Gen 1 composite model with Import mode
  • A first look at new Gen 2 DirectQuery using Power BI datasets which is the next generation of composite model capabilities which is now in public preview

All these topics and demos are based on a business requirement or business problem context, so the presenter will set up a business problem and work through how it can be solved with dimensional modeling.

So, if you’re looking to learn about using Power BI and DAX to address real-world business issues, then this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below.

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