Have you ever wished there was a more efficient way to import data into your Dataverse (Common Data Service) database? In most cases, creating an app generally requires data from more than one source. While this can often be achieved at the application level, there are occasions when combining this data into a common store makes app development simpler and allows for a consistent set of logic to manage and run across all applications.

In a recent webinar by Senior Consultant, Sharon Woloshin, we examined how to use Data Flows to transform and clean your data before SIMPLE import into your Dataverse database. Sharon also explored how to replace Excel data imports and how to prepare your data for import using Azure dataflows and Power Query Online.

Additional topics covered:

  • How to use Dataverse as a home for data maintained in less convenient locations.
  • How to use dataflows to clean and transform your data before importing it into Dataverse.
  • How to simplify dataflow connections to replace complex and trouble-prone Excel imports into Dataverse.

If you are interested in strategies on how to use dataflows to transform and clean your data before a SIMPLE import, then this webinar is right for you. You can watch the complete webinar below.

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