Analytics has evolved tremendously since the 90’s when we began constructing data warehouses. The technique is new, the tools are very different, and the demands are even different! Companies, for example, achieve a strategic edge by machine learning, also supplied by IoT and smartphones. The huge volume of data and high-speed causes problems with scalability.

In this recent webinar presented by Cloud Data Architect, Rowland Gosling you will see an outline of new methods and tools used to construct a data warehouse. The presentation also discusses the value of a data warehouse and ways to enhance the data capabilities within your business.


Additional topics covered:

  • How the modern data warehouse updates exist within analytic strategies
  • Mapping to today’s business goals for analytics
  • Typical end-to-end workflows that are used to solve problems
  • Using all the data available to create a more accurate picture of the business
  • How do we scale?
  • How are we going to stay competitive?
  • Can we consolidate to one approach to analytics?


If you are a business leader, technical staff, or a company interested in a consolidated, modern approach to analytics, then this webinar is right for you. You can watch the complete webinar below.


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