It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at BlueGranite. Microsoft recognized us as an AI Inner Circle Partner for our premier service delivery and as a Microsoft AI preferred training partner. We’re proud of these honors, achieved through demonstrated customer value in trailblazing AI projects and our training expertise in some of the market’s most advanced AI technology.

Microsoft AI Partner

Here are some examples of what our customers are saying:

For a cognitive services project using voice-to-text translation and sentiment analysis for call center analytics:

“BlueGranite provided the highest level of expertise in machine learning, text analytics, and the full Microsoft AI platform. We now have a best-in-class system to analyze call center topics and sentiment. They were a pleasure to work with.”

For a digital transformation project using geospatial analytics and AI:

“BlueGranite has been a solid partner and has helped us significantly to get started on our machine learning and advanced analytics journey.”

For Azure Machine Learning Services training:

“Instructors delivered an amazing two-day session.”
“Very interactive [and] well done. Both presenters … were very patient and knowledgeable.”

Artificial intelligence has different meanings for different people and organizations – maybe it even conjures images of red-eyed robots coming for our jobs! But the essence of AI is machines enhancing human ingenuity with intelligent technology and inexhaustible energy to accelerate business – NOT to become our overlords. How is that acceleration achieved? We believe AI, with its capability to learn from experience, predict outcomes, and prescribe action, is a crucial component of digital transformation – enriching customer experiences, automating and optimizing operations, transforming the nature of products and services, and empowering employees.

Why Microsoft, and why BlueGranite for AI? Maximizing your AI investment requires the best technology and the best people. Microsoft has shown tremendous commitment to a modern, comprehensive AI platform with:

  • AI Services like pre-built APIs for image and speech recognition (and many others) for accelerated application development.
  • AI Infrastructure for scalable, secure compute for even the most demanding machine learning and deep learning models.
  • AI Tools and deep learning frameworks for development and operationalization of custom solutions.


BlueGranite is well-positioned to maximize the capabilities of all these components. With data architects, data engineers, data developers, statisticians, and data scientists comprising our 50-member team, we’ve got the breadth and depth of expertise – specifically with the Microsoft stack – to deliver amazing end-to-end AI solutions. But again, don’t take our word for it. Take Microsoft’s.

Even more exciting than the recognition? Our amplified access to Microsoft’s readiness tools, assets, and experts to further boost our expanding AI solution area.

If you want to harness the vast potential of AI at your organization, contact us today. We’d love to help.