Are you still running an old Netezza, Teradata or IBM data warehouse appliance? I’d like to tell you the 3 main benefits of moving off those antiquated platforms and hopefully get you excited to start making the move and take advantage of a new modern platform.

Benefit #1 – Let’s kick that old technology to the curb. Netezza uses things like FPGAs hardware accelerators to make queries run faster—we don’t need that anymore. Hardware has advanced, and we have new platforms and software that make things run much faster. We no longer want to write functions in C++, when we can use SQL and write in languages we’re used to writing from our modern applications in the cloud.

Benefit #2 – We get scalability and expansion. Whether you move to the cloud or implement an on-prem or hybrid solution, get rid of the ‘boxes’ for your appliances. If your data warehouse looks like a row of refrigerators storing your data (with about as much speed), it’s time to change. In a modern data platform, you can take advantage of expansion, scalability, pay as you go and all the automation that exists in a cloud platform.

Benefit #3 – Migrating is easier than ever. We’ve helped so many of our customers migrate, and we’re seeing migration timelines come down and ROI numbers come up. There are incredible automation capabilities to make migrations faster and easier. Whether you choose to go to Azure data warehouse or Enterprise SQL Server, we have accelerated technology, such as custom column store, in-memory or Polybase, so we can bring more data in and out with lots of flexibility with types of data and formats.

There’s a wealth of innovations and benefits on the Microsoft data platform—there’s no excuse to stay on your old platform.

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