How important is the reliability of your data center to you? If you’re like most, I’d say reliability is, or should be, of utmost importance.

As I stand in front of the ‘out of service’ train shuttle that takes travelers across the very large Detroit airport, it got me thinking of reliability and the importance of having a reliable cloud service like Azure.

Where’s your system today? Are you looking to move to the cloud and wondering if it’s dependable? When I think about all that’s involved in the Azure data centers, you have a lot of reliability and redundancy.

Here at the airport, there’s one train shuttle. When it’s down, you’re out of luck. Similarly, if you live in one data center, if they have an issue and it’s down, your customers are unable to use what it provides.

With an Azure platform, there are capabilities built in that keep your systems up and running and your data center dependable; all you need to do is take advantage of it. It’s not about Microsoft building out a solution for you, more importantly, it’s about you taking advantage of the solution that’s been built for you.

So, it takes some thought and planning. This could mean doing global replication or maybe a scale set in VMs or any number of options that you can take advantage of in the data centers that Microsoft has created. This increases the reliability of your overall platform.

If you’re currently dependent on a single data center, whether you own it or it’s hosted elsewhere, and you’re concerned about data recovery, you could use Azure to increase the reliability of that data center by allowing your data center to take advantage of the cloud.

Think about it, are you in a place where you’re service is down, and you must explain to customers that you don’t have service? What does it look like for you to be reliable?

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We’ll, I’m off to take the long walk across the Detroit airport; hopefully the train will be more reliable next time.