Azure continues to take the world by storm and with good reason. What major things can it do for your business? How about cutting costs, raising your revenue and increasing your market cap? Sounds great, right? Let me tell you how Azure does this:

1. Cuts Costs – Azure cuts costs by getting rid of your pesky data center. You know the drill, data centers are expensive, as well as a lot to maintain. Microsoft has spent billions doing this and they’re going to do it better than we ever could. So, how about we let them run the data center business and provide those core competencies.

Then you can stop using your team for ‘chores’ like backups and disaster recovery, so they can focus on things that provide value. Get those data centers and chores up in the cloud so they’re constantly monitored and managed, saving you from your own multiple office set ups and data centers. If you’ve built those out in the past, you know that they are incredibly complex to build and maintain.

With Azure you can control what you spend instead of spending full price. We no longer have to overbuy hardware and spend money on cores that we only need occasionally. We can run the few cores we need at the capacity we need, whether it’s a Platform as a Service for a data warehouse or VMs and an Infrastructure as a Service – you have so many options that you can control and automate. Forecast your spend and have control over it.

2. Raise Revenue – To raise revenue we need to have the ability to deploy things faster, develop new products and move things out the door more quickly, as well as integrate with new partners. All of that happens more effectively with Azure.

And this happens because of the advanced data, analytics and open source capabilities, but also because of factors like managing identity and security. Our customers have confidence knowing that Azure is the most secure cloud. They are confident that their data is moving into a space where it’s going to be secure and their users can be confident as well. Plus, they can answer the tough questions from their board or compliance officers.

3. Increase Your Market Cap – Azure does this by supporting M&A. Having your systems in the cloud make the technology side of M&A infinitely easier. It gives you a strategic advantage when companies are looking to invest or acquire companies like yours or if you’re looking to invest or acquire.

If the systems are already in the cloud, especially Azure, it’s so much easier to integrate identity and management of those systems. Instead of a process that takes months upon months, it will take weeks, or even days.

It’s quite rare to have a platform that can raise our revenue, cut costs and increase our market cap – all by just moving to a new way of doing things.

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