In the world of data and analytics, the BlueGranite team has a lot to be thankful for. Whether we are working to support relationships with our partners (Microsoft, Hortonworks, and most recently, Profisee), our clients, or our team, we are constantly learning and growing as an organization. As the holidays and the end of 2017 draw near, we find it is a great time to reflect on recent successes and express thanks for our industry, our community, and our company.

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We decided the best way to show our thanks would be to ask around and get feedback from our experts. Here are some fun and interesting insights from the BlueGranite team on what they are most thankful for:

Matt Mace, Founder/CEO
I’m thankful for a lot at BlueGranite – our team, who could work for any organization 
in the world but chooses to work here, contributing their best; our clients, who give us the opportunity to utilize our talents and passions; and our partners, who believe in us and our ability to help them succeed. I’m especially thankful for all of the people who have contributed to our company over the years, helping us grow and develop into who we are today.
Melissa Coates, Solution Architect
I am thankful for working at BlueGranite because it’s a very supportive environment which provides me challenging projects and learning opportunities. My colleagues are smart, helpful, and inspirational to be around. And, I work from my home office the vast majority of the time which helps me be balanced, healthy, and happy (my dog is pretty pleased too because she gets a walk whenever I need a brain break).
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Robert Hutchison, Senior Solution Consultant
Over this past year I’ve had a great deal to be thankful for, but people top the list. I am thankful for the mentors in my life who are willing to share their time and wisdom, family and friends who love unconditionally, colleagues who work diligently and constantly teach me something new each day, and clients who make delivering insights from data exciting.
Leo Furlong, Principal
I am thankful for the opportunity to work on challenging and innovative projects where I get to add immediate ROI for my customers. I am also thankful for workplace football analogies that seem to never fully resonate with my IT coworkers. #FootballAnalogyFail
TJ Polak, Senior Solutions Consultant
I’m thankful for the ability to be a part of the team at BlueGranite and to work for an organization that truly values its employees. I am lucky to work alongside some of the brightest and most talented consultants in the industry, who both inspire and challenge me to do my best every day, and to continue to learn new things.
Mike Cornell, Senior Solutions Consultant
I am thankful for doing big data engineering with Apache Spark in Azure. Lots of new functionality, tools, and adoption this year for these platforms make it an exciting and challenging space to be in.

Although we have included technology advancements, our organization’s culture, and our team – we are most thankful for you! There is a lot to appreciate in this company, but our collaborators, clients, and partners help us continue to grow and provide the latest data and analytics news and updates. We’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2017 and months following bring our way!

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