Do you want to learn how to create visual consistency across your reports and eliminate the monotonous task of setting common visual properties? Power BI report themes are more than just a color palette for your reports. With report themes, you can apply design changes to your entire report. All the visuals in your report will use the colors and formatting of the theme you’ve selected as a default. You can make design changes like using corporate colors, changing icon sets or applying new default visual formatting.

In a recent webinar, 3Cloud Senior Consultant, Jeremy Black, takes you on a deep dive into Power BI report themes. Jeremy covers the two types of report themes: built-in and custom. With custom themes you can customize via Power BI Desktop and/or by manually manipulating the JSON theme file used by Power BI Desktop. He’ll also cover the benefits of creating custom report themes, as well as their limitations.

Lastly, the presentation will delve into the Power BI report theme building blocks including data and structural colors, text, and visual styles. Most of this webinar is spent on demos of examples of how to begin customizing your report themes.

You can watch the complete webinar below.

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