As I record this Azure Every Day video at the airport heading home, it got me thinking about security. When you’re looking for an option in a cloud service for your data, and we talk about Azure and the security that’s involved, you need to keep in mind that there are lots of layers in security.

In the airport there are physical barriers and areas that are blocked or locked off. Then the airport also must think of security problems such as threats of attacks or terrorism. In our work, we must deal with people trying to attack our data on a regular basis as well.

So, airport security is similar with the security of our data. Azure security has protocols that are well thought out and they are well armed physically to protect our data, making it very difficult to break in. Beyond that, there are layers of networking security and other types of security preventing people from getting access.

With Azure you get a Microsoft security team whose sole job, like TSA, is to keep people out and prevent unlawful acts against our data. So, let me ask you, have you thought about the security ramifications of your data? Can you say that your data is in as secure a location as what Microsoft can offer with its dedicated team?

Keeping with my airport comparison, taking this on yourself would be like running your own private airport. Are you going to secure it as much or as well as a large airport that has the investment and shared resources across both government and the airlines?

My point today, take security seriously and get the best security you can for your data. In a world that’s constantly changing, where are you keeping your data and how secure is it?

As I hop on my flight home today, feeling secure, I hope that you feel just as secure with your data landing in the cloud.

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