The data and analytics industry moves at a dizzying speed. Blink and you’ll miss the latest software release, update or company acquisition.

Just look at what happened during the month of April as an example: Microsoft acquired mobile BI company Datazen and announced its Azure Data Lake while Tableau released the latest version of its software, Tableau 9.InsightsHadoopTableau9Datazen.jpg

Then, during May, Microsoft announced the upcoming integration of R into SQL Server 2016, and research firm Gartner released a report on Hadoop adoption.

That’s a lot of information to digest in a short period of time. And now you might be wondering how these announcements could impact your data and analytics strategy, what they mean for the industry, how to install or use the newest versions of software or even what you can expect from these tech giants over the next few months.

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Want to attend, but aren’t sure of what you should ask? Here are a few examples of the topics we could cover:

  • Specific technology use cases
  • Pros and cons of a specific technologies
  • The latest industry news like company acquisitions or technology updates

Have questions about the latest technology, industry developments or are wondering how to get the most from your technology investments? We can help.