When it comes to enhancing and improving technology environments, most IT professionals and business analysts don’t have time. They spend most of their time maintaining these existing environments with little time left to actually analyze the data.

ManagedServices.jpgIt can be difficult to find time to explore your data, let alone keep up with the latest advancements. But Center of Excellence Services (CoE) can help. These services allow your company get the most out of its BI tools and investment, freeing up IT to focus on other necessary tasks.

With CoE Services, you partner with experts who help your organization with various technology needs. Here at 3Cloud, our team of experienced experts has helped clients with projects that include architecture, implementation and knowledge transfers.

As VP of Sales, it is my role to understand what our clients are asking for and how we can meet those needs. Over time as our clients have acquired skills, we are realizing they don’t always need us to deliver a full project. Instead, they may just need help with a task they are stuck on or a new task that would require time they don’t have. That’s why we created BlueGranite CoE Services: A team of experts who offer hands-on support.

Bryan DeZeeuw, who manages the CoE Services team, found these are the top 5 common requests:

  • Self-service BI – Assist users to browse cubes and build their own dashboards and reports
  • Performance Diagnostics – Help identify and fix performance issues with deployed assets
  • Design advice – Help make sure best practices are being followed and designs will work well for requirements
  • Calculations – Assist with advanced calculations in various languages (MDX, DAX, SQL, etc.) to ensure accuracy and performance
  • Development – Provide assistance building and deploying BI assets

These requests may change as new technologies are introduced, but the key is understanding client needs and resolving them in a timely manner.

As one customer recently told me: “Since our last project with you I have had many requests to add new reports and features, it’s just been me and my search engine resolving these issues, with CoE Services I have someone to call”.

Our CoE Services provide a service level for support with a set hours per month.  Regardless of your level of need, we can provide a plan to help you get the most out of your tools and technology.

If you’re not sure if your organization can benefit from CoE services, consider your answers to the following questions:

  • Would you benefit from at least 15 extra hours a month to enhance your current solution?
  • Do your business users ask for enhancements and training you don’t have time to deliver?
  • Could you get more out of your technology investments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us for a consultation about how we can help you get the most from your technology.