Consumer sentiment plays an important role in marketing decisions. In today’s Demo Day video, we look at how you can use a variety of Microsoft tools to find and analyze sentiment. For purposes of this example, we’ll be answering the question of ‘do people prefer workshops or webinars?’microsofttoolssenitimentanalysis.jpg

Using these tools will help us decide where we should concentrate our marketing efforts. To determine this, we look at the data we’ve stored from various workshops and webinars. This data consists of comments from these events, but reading through rows and rows of data to find positive comments can be time consuming.

In this video, you’ll see how it’s possible to move from data embedded in a data warehouse to create a dashboard that provides several answers. You’ll learn:

  • How to use various Microsoft tools to create a dashboard that answers business questions
  • How to look at sentiment from other dimensions in the data warehouse
  • How to use Power BI to view sentiments and figure out where to spend marketing dollars

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