Many mainstream topics and issues surrounding better healthcare revolve around providing better patient care, improved patient health, and reduction in overall costs of care. The ability to effectively glean insights from hospital admits data can lead to actions that tackle all 3 of these issues.

In the video below, we use Microsoft Power BI to analyze hospital inpatient admits and discharge data from the state of New York.


The demo takes us from state level analysis and leads us all the way into insights about individual physicians at specific hospitals. In doing so, we utilize some of the latest features and visualizations in Power BI including Tree Maps, the ability to easily drill through visualizations, the ability to use custom colors based on fields and values, the ability to quickly and easily share your findings with peers, and the ability to ask natural-language questions about the data and get instant answers in the form of visualizations that you can then add to your analysis.

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Is your organization deploying Microsoft Power BI?

We offer hands-on, instructor-led training at your facility to help both business and IT teams adopt Microsoft Power BI for self-service business intelligence and analytics. Up to ten attendees will receive expert-led guidance through a complete set of hands-on labs and training modules. After the training, attendees will be able to acquire data, build data models, and create visualizations quickly and easily with Microsoft Power BI.