Do you want to learn how to customize your Power BI Custom Visuals? In this recent webinar by App Development Consultant, Tom Ward, you’ll learn about customizing and developing Power BI Custom Visuals using TypeScript.

If you’re unfamiliar, Custom Visuals are Power BI visuals developed by the community or Microsoft developers. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create custom data visualizations from scratch using TypeScript which is similar to Java Script
  • Test and debug your visuals online using live reports
  • Package and deploy your visual to a production report

The presentation will begin with how to modify an existing custom visual from the Microsoft app directory. This way, you can modify visuals that you like but that may not have exactly what you need for your use case by modifying the code with the tools learned in this webinar. To help with this, the Microsoft team makes their custom visual source code publicly available on GitHub and can be found at

From there, Tom will dive into creating your own custom visual – this is a demo-heavy webinar that will walk you through developing and customizing Power BI Custom Visuals. So, if this is something you’d like to learn, this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below.

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